Rakul Preet Singh gives closer at her wedding outfit in latest pictures

In an awe-inspiring display of nuptial glamour, Bollywood actress Rakul Preet Singh divulged an intimate glimpse of the intricate craftsmanship behind her bridal lehenga, designed by none other than the esteemed Tarun Tahiliani, through her latest social media post.

The love-struck pair, Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani, recently exchanged vows amidst the enchanting backdrop of Goa. As the festivities unfolded, the couple conscientiously shared tidbits of their joyous celebration with admirers worldwide. On a bright Saturday morning, Rakul Preet provided an up-close and personal look at her bespoke bridal attire – a testament to Tahiliani’s sartorial ingenuity.

Singh’s bridal ensemble was nothing short of spectacular – a hand-embroidered lehenga blooming with 3D floral motifs serenely coloured in shades of ivory and blush. Attached to the blouse were delicate, sheer tulle sleeves festooned with an array of pearls and crystal brilliance, transforming the garment into a wearable piece of art. A diaphanous tulle veil flowed gracefully, peppered with ornamental stars and lustrous Swarovski crystals, embodying the ethereal essence of the overall design. Tarun Tahiliani’s vision for Rakul’s wedding dress perfectly intertwined modern elegance with the tranquil feel of blossoming florals, flawlessly capturing Singh’s personal aspirations for her special day.

A moment of detailed appreciation revealed the bridal lehenga’s more personal touches, such as customised Kaliras whimsically featuring the initial of the bride’s name. The heartfelt caption accompanying Rakul’s Instagram post read, “We always dreamt of a fairytale wedding and Thankyouuuu @taruntahiliani for making that a reality…you captured our personalities so beautifully through the essence of our outfits.” The post overflowed with gratitude towards the designer and his team, with a special acknowledgement of the warmth provided by a team member named Mansha throughout the outfit’s creation.

While the bride was an embodiment of bespoke beauty, Jackky Bhagnani’s attire radiated with an equal measure of elegance and heritage. Dressed in an ivory chikankari sherwani, ornate with the detailed ‘chinar’ motif whose creation spanned a painstaking six months, Bhagnani’s outfit bore the signature pleated stole distinctive to the Tarun Tahiliani label. With every element conscientiously hand-stitched and adorned using traditional chikankari methods and authentic zardozi embroidery, the outfit was more than clothing; it was a tribute to the intricate artistry and rich legacy of Kashmir.

Adding to the anticipation and excitement, the newlyweds recently shared a teaser video capturing moments from their idyllic wedding, transporting viewers to their delightful ceremonies – haldi, mehendi, and sangeet. The footage begins with the radiant bride, Rakul Preet Singh, making a grand entrance, dancing her way down the aisle towards a beaming Jackky, eagerly awaiting her under the sacred mandap. The video offers a montage of loving glances, laughter, and dance, encapsulating the ecstasy and affection that bound family and friends together as they reveled in the union of the couple.

Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani’s special day was indeed a marriage of traditional splendour, touched with the grace of contemporary design. By intertwining their personalities within the very fabric of their wedding attire, the couple didn’t just make a statement of style; they crafted a narrative of love and individuality. With their enchanting outfits reflecting their personal tale, Rakul and Jackky’s wedding remains a beautiful reminder of how fashion can transcend clothing to narrate the timeless tales of love. As the images circulate and the videos replay, what lingers is the memory of a wedding attire so intricately designed, it seems to have leaped right out of a modern-day fairy tale.

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