Salman Khan’s niece Ayat feeds him fries mom Salma kisses him at CCL opening match in Sharjah

The glitz and glamour of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) were recently illuminated by the presence of Bollywood heavyweight Salman Khan, who made a charming appearance at the event’s opening match in Sharjah. The star, who is no stranger to commanding the limelight, once again captured the hearts of his admirers with familial affection and star charisma at the cricket gala.

The scene was set at the Sharjah Cricket Stadium, a venue that has witnessed numerous cricketing battles and star-studded spectacles. Salman Khan, the celebrated actor known for his roles in blockbusters such as “Tiger 3,” was not merely a spectator but the brand ambassador for Mumbai Heroes, the team under the spotlight that evening. The inaugural match of the 2024 season pitted the Mumbai Heroes against the spirited Kerala Strikers, and while the cricket action unfolded, there were tender moments stealing the show.

As captured in a collection of videos and photos that went viral, the actor was seen exchanging affections with his mother, Salma Khan, planting tender kisses on her cheeks, much to the adoration of onlookers. The family tableau was further brightened by Salman’s playful interactions with his niece Ayat and nephew Ahil, who were spotted sharing fries with their uncle in a light-hearted exchange.

The video, shared on Salman’s Instagram account with a string of related hashtags, garnered widespread attention with fans and followers leaving a trail of heart emojis and love-filled comments. Among the commentators, popular personality Abdu Rozik could not resist expressing his sentiment with a simple yet touching, “Umi….”

This endearing display of devotion and familial warmth was a central theme as Salman cheered for his team alongside his brother Sohail Khan, also associated with the league as the owner of Mumbai Heroes, and his sister Arpita Khan Sharma, who joined with her children. The CCL, a glamorous cricketing event that amalgamates the grandeur of the film industry with the passion of cricket, has gained immense popularity by featuring over 200 film celebrities from various Indian film industries.

The season’s opener provided an exhilarating start to the tournament, which promises three weekends of riveting matches. It was a clash that combined the strategic elements of Test cricket with the excitement of T20—in a format where each team takes two innings of 10 overs.

Mumbai Heroes, captained by none other than Riteish Deshmukh, set the pace for the season with a thrilling win. After Kerala Strikers secured a lead in the first innings, Mumbai Heroes responded in the second innings with a stellar batting performance that set an imposing target for their opponents. Their victory firmly placed them at the top of the points table.

Actors from different Indian film industries have come together to represent their regional teams, merging fandoms of cricket and cinema. The Celebrity Cricket League encompasses a fascinating array of talent, with captains and brand ambassadors such as Venkatesh for the Telugu Warriors, Arya for the Chennai Rhinos, Sudeep for the Karnataka Bulldozers, and many others.

The confluence of cricket and celebrity star power ensures that CCL Season 10 will be a spectacle not just for the love of sport, but also for the camaraderie and cultural celebration that it brings to the fore. As for Salman Khan, his illustrious presence off the field continues to inspire and entertain, proving that his aura extends well beyond the silver screen.

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