“Light of our family”: Bhumi Pednekar wishes sister Samiksha on her birthday

Celebrated for her remarkable performance in the recently released film ‘Bhakshak’, actor Bhumi Pednekar took a moment this Friday to share an affectionate birthday greeting for her sister Samiksha Pednekar. Alongside a nostalgic childhood video posted on her Instagram handle, Bhumi expressed her heartfelt wishes, calling Samiksha the “light of our family,” a source of unending joy and strength.

In the heartfelt caption accompanying the video, Bhumi wrote, “Happy Birthday Samu. To the light of our family, our biggest source of joy & strength. Here’s wishing you the best year ahead our Samu. We are so proud of who you’ve grown up to be. Your resilience, passion and grit keep us going. Thank god you came into our lives our sweet sweet Samu.” The brief clip offers a window into the sisters’ intimate childhood moments, striking a chord with the followers who share in the family’s joy.

The bond between the Pednekar sisters is evidently strong and heartfelt, resonating with Bhumi’s fans who have witnessed both their personal and professional journeys. Samiksha, like her sister, commands a presence on social media with her own set of accomplishments.

Bhumi Pednekar is riding high on the success of ‘Bhakshak’, where her portrayal of a journalist garnered widespread acclaim. “As an actor, nothing is more joyous than unanimous praise from the film industry, media and audience about one’s performance,” Bhumi stated, expressing her gratitude and emotional connection to each project she undertakes. It is evident that ‘Bhakshak’ holds a special place in her heart, not just for its absorbing narrative but also for the opportunity to portray a woman who is pivotal in driving societal change.

She remarked on the rarity of roles in Indian cinema that place women at the forefront as instrumental figures advancing societal improvement. Bhumi Pednekar appreciates characters that are not only powerful and nation-building but also inspire other women to stand up against injustice and patriarchy while being unequivocal about their rights and necessities.

Gratitude flowed as Bhumi thanked the creative team behind ‘Bhakshak’, highlighting the depths they allowed her to reach in her performance. “I thank my director Pulkit, Red Chillies and the writer Jyotsana Nath for giving me a project that has allowed me to act from my heart. I’m thrilled with the love that is coming my way. It tells me that I have picked the right project that has touched the hearts of people. It also tells me that people want to see me do meaningful stories that are content-forward,” she shared.

‘Bhakshak’, a tale of stoic determination, follows the journey of a woman’s relentless pursuit of justice, diving into the harrowing case of sexual assault at a girl’s shelter. Under Pulkit’s direction and produced by the seasoned Gauri Khan alongside Gaurav Verma, the feature includes a distinguished ensemble cast with Sanjay Mishra, Aditya Srivastava, and Sai Tamhankar, graced by the presence of Bhumi Pednekar herself. The captivating narrative now unfolds on the digital screens of Netflix, inviting viewers worldwide into its gripping essence.

While Bhumi celebrates her sister’s birthday with a light heart and pure affection, her professional accomplishments continue to speak volumes about her dedication to her craft. Bhumi Pednekar’s portrayal in ‘Bhakshak’ not only serves as a testament to her talent but also reiterates her commitment to choosing projects with deep-seated, impactful narratives. Her heartfelt wishes for her sister are reflective of the same sincerity and warmth that she brings to her roles, signaling a personal and professional life deeply intertwined with love and passion.

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