Boney Kapoor undergoes hair transplant says ‘baal ugenge kya baat hai’

In an exhilarating turn of events, Bollywood’s renowned producer Boney Kapoor has embraced a new look following a hair transplant procedure. The film industry veteran traveled to Hyderabad for the grand opening of a hair transplant clinic, where he himself decided to take the plunge and undergo the transformational process. A video released by the clinic shows an exuberant Boney Kapoor as he discusses his experience with hair transplant surgery, looking forward to times when his head will be “filled with hair,” as he put it succinctly.

The share-worthy video captures Kapoor’s buoyant mood, where he quipped in Hindi, “My head will be covered, filled with a thick mane; hair will sprout, how wonderful is that!” His humor and enthusiasm not only lifted the spirits of those present but echoed across social media as the clip garnered attention. The attending physician lauded Boney Kapoor for his cooperation during the surgery and commended him for his trust in their expertise and the hair transplant process.

The challenge wasn’t lost on Kapoor, who acknowledged that regaining his hair is a test for the clinic. “My hair regrowth is a challenge for Eugenix, and I am confident they will do it justice,” he expressed with optimism.

Walking the viewers through his journey thus far, Kapoor commented on the promising start to his experience and his curiosity about how this new addition of hair will enhance his appearance. “Until now, the experience has been pleasant. Now let’s see how well this transplanted hair helps in making me a better-looking individual,” remarked the cineaste with a blend of hope and light-heartedness.

The candid moment with Boney Kapoor also offered an insight into his personal life, particularly touching upon a difficult chapter. Kapoor addressed the heart-wrenching loss of his wife, the legendary actress Sridevi, who passed away over five years ago. Contradicting speculative notions, he clarified that Sridevi’s untimely demise was an accident, not something orchestrated. The world was in shock when news broke out of Sridevi found lifeless in a bathtub in her Dubai hotel room, where she and Boney had attended a family wedding. The official cause of death was reported as accidental drowning.

Reflecting on the aftermath and the accusations directed towards him, Boney Kapoor opened up regarding the rigorous inquiries by the Dubai authorities and his silence post-incident. He recounted how he had already disclosed everything during the 24 to 48-hour interrogation held by the Dubai police back in 2018. “They mandated such thoroughness due to immense pressure from Indian media. However, my accounts remained consistent, and after exhaustive tests, including lie detector ones, the officers found no evidence of foul play,” Kapoor revealed.

Reiterating his cooperative stance during that trying time, he spoke of the final report which conclusively stated the cause as “accidental death by drowning.” Kapoor’s disposition remained composed as he reflected on these events that led to his exoneration.

Returning to the present, Boney Kapoor’s engagement with the hair transplant clinic in Hyderabad is more than a personal makeover; it symbolizes a fresh start. The comical and spirited remarks captured in the video posted by Eugenix Hair Sciences relayed an air of rejuvenation. The transformation and confidence seen in Boney Kapoor are emblematic of an individual ready to greet life with renewed vigor and an unyielding spirit, qualities that have long characterized his storied career in Indian cinema.

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