Sketching nostalgic pieces and bringing them to life with animation and narration

Scrolling through social media feeds can sometimes feel like an endless sea of sameness, but amidst that ocean, certain artists manage to create ripples that compel us to pause and reflect. One such artist is Haritha Chitta, whose animated journeys through her childhood are touching hearts and igniting a shared sense of nostalgia.

As a little girl frequenting flea markets in Hyderabad, a city that pulses with the vibrancy of culture and tradition, Haritha’s miniature paintings were a testament to her passion for art. Yet even in her early forays, she encountered the harsh reality of people undervaluing artworks, haggling over her modestly priced masterpieces at ₹250 apiece. This experience left a deep impression on the young artist, driving her to hold her creations close.

Fast forward to the present, Haritha, currently residing in Delaware, USA, has not just continued to embrace her artistic side, but has also added a captivating twist to it. Through her Instagram series Aarojulu Gurthunnaya (Do you remember those days), she brings to life an infinity loop of images, each laced with rich narration and seamless animation. Haritha’s mother, adorned with the grace of a traditional artist, has been the wellspring of her artistic roots, fostering a love for art that has stretched from pot painting and watercolors to the digital world.

The personal touch of storytelling, blended with the charm of art and the novelty of animation, has allowed Haritha to stand out. Her work doesn’t just capture memories; it transports viewers back to a simpler time, echoing the joy and warmth of the ‘90s. Evoking the times of sharing multi-colored fryums, or the memory of market trips with her father, Haritha’s work resonates with a multitude of followers, some among them, widely known figures. From director Nandini Reddy to actors like Srinivas Avasarala and Swathi Reddy, and singer Geetha Madhuri, the series has earned acclaim, much to Haritha’s surprise.

Each episode of the series, now fifteen in count, is born out of Haritha’s desire to kindle those fond recollections, a decision continually reaffirmed by the heartwarming comments of her audience. It’s not simply about the art; it’s the storytelling, supported by her painstaking learning of animation and voice integration, that holds viewers captivated.

Haritha’s initial encounter with the viral nature of social media was through a post that hit a million views. The affirmation that people were not just watching, but actively engaging with her work, left her overwhelmed. Nostalgia seems to be a powerful tool, and Haritha wields it skillfully, with posts evoking school days, visiting grandparents, and the journey of a grown-up girl gathering widespread attention.

Beyond the art itself, Haritha has grasped opportunities that have come her way, stepping into the world of television by creating series promos for Gemini TV and collaborating with content creators like Chaibisket. Currently, she has a project with Zee Telugu. All the while, she vows to continue her Aarojulu Gurthunnaya series, a labor of love and reminiscence.

Haritha’s sketches are more than just art; they are holistic experiences, bridging generations and leveraging technology to sustain and revive the stories of yesteryears. Her little corner of Instagram remains freshly updated with musings that are as varied as they are endearing, keeping alive her sense of wonder and that of her growing community of followers. In this digital age, where the ephemeral reigns supreme, Haritha Chitta’s work is a reminder of the enduring power of art, memory, and shared humanity.

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