R Madhavan: The real Singham in this industry is Ajay Devgn | Exclusive

The Indian film scene was abuzz with anticipation as the trailer for the much-awaited movie ‘Shaitaan’ was unveiled on Thursday amidst the glitz and glamor of its star-studded cast. Ajay Devgn, the multifaceted actor and co-producer, alongside the charismatic R Madhavan and the esteemed Jyothika, graced the event which marked a significant milestone for this intriguing cinematic venture directed by the talented Vikas Bahl. The narrative of ‘Shaitaan’ intriguingly explores the concept of ‘Vashikaran’, an arcane ritual aimed at dominating a person’s soul to manipulate them into puppetry, bringing their actions under the sway of the spellcaster.

Within this dark and twisting tale, audiences find Devgn and Jyothika portraying a couple ensnared in a supernatural struggle as they witness their daughter falling prey to a nefarious spell. Madhavan, embracing the role of the malevolent antagonist, becomes the shadow that looms over their lives, dangerously intent on claiming the young girl’s will.

The intrigue of the film’s premise was matched by the revelations shared by the cast during their media engagement at the trailer launch. A particular point of curiosity arose regarding the casting choices for the film’s leads. A question was posed to Devgn, referencing his chilling portrayal as the villain in ‘Kaal’ (2005), on his decision to forgo the antagonist’s mantle in favor of Madhavan.

Ajay responded to the inquisitive minds, retelling an exchange between him and Madhavan during the initial days of shooting. Madhavan, colloquially known as ‘Maddy’, had questioned Devgn’s decision to pass on what he deemed a more potent role. With candor, Devgn explained that his heart lay with the character of the father—a role to which he felt a deeper connection—asserting that despite the antagonist’s role being more compelling, it did not align with his sense of justice.

Madhavan, standing alongside his colleague, seized the moment to pay homage to Devgn’s understated yet powerful approach to his craft. He praised Ajay for his ability to communicate profound emotion with a hint of subtlety in all the roles he undertook. Known for his humility away from the limelight, Devgn’s dedicated work ethic did not escape Madhavan’s admiration. Going a step further, Madhavan conferred upon Ajay the honorific title of ‘the real Singham in the industry’, a nod towards a shared understanding that transcended the bounds of the screen.

Elevating the discourse, Madhavan recounted his initial uncertainties about the significance of his character. It was only upon viewing the teaser and trailer, where the prominence of ‘Shaitaan’ was unmistakable, that he realized the gravity of the role he had been entrusted with. In a heartfelt acknowledgment, Madhavan emphasized the maturity and courage required to generously offer such a prominent role to another actor. He professed his hopes to honor the generosity extended to him by Devgn and his team through a performance that justified their belief in his capabilities.

The event concluded with the reinforcement of ‘Shaitaan’s’ scheduled theater release on March 8, setting the stage for a cinematic experience that promises to be as haunting as it is powerful. The film’s creators and cast left an indelible mark on the expectant audience, kindling an eagerness that will only be satiated with the unveiling of the movie on the big screen.

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