Moments after electrifying the Super Bowl halftime stage, R&B icon Usher took to a Las Vegas wedding chapel to tie the knot with his longtime love, Jenn Goicoechea, culminating their romance in a surprise post-game ceremony. The couple, who share two young daughters, were united in matrimony at the prominent Vegas Weddings venue, with documentation confirming their union surfacing on Monday.

Enthusiastically officiating the couple’s memorable day was the Rev. Ronald Joseph Polrywka, more familiar to those in Vegas by his stage name, Ron DeCar, and his Elvis Presley impersonator persona. Among the witnesses was Usher’s mother, Jonnetta Patton, cheering on her son as he embarked on this new chapter.

The owner of the chapel, Melody Willis-Williams, publicly expressed joy over the occasion, saying, “Congratulations to the Newlyweds! We were beyond thrilled to host in this epic day for Usher and his new wife.” She also graciously deferred to the couple in sharing further details, emphasizing respect for their privacy and adding, “We’ll always be fans of Usher! Yeah!”

While the exact location within Vegas Weddings of the ceremony—whether it unfolded within the chapel, on a terrace overlooking the city, or even along the famed drive-thru lane—remains undisclosed, what’s clear is the blissful step the pair have taken. Lydia Kanuga, a representative for Usher, has not yet addressed inquiries regarding these specifics.

Clark County, a bustling hub known for its frequent nuptial celebrations, played a role in ushering Usher and Goicoechea toward marital life. Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya confirmed the issuance of a marriage license to the couple last week, symbolizing Las Vegas’s standing as the ‘Wedding Capital of the World.’

The marriage certificate, drafted on Thursday, reveals their full names — Usher Raymond IV and Jennifer Jean Goicoechea — alongside a modest $102 filing fee. It notes Usher’s previous marriages; he first split from Tameka Foster in 2009 after two years of marriage and won custody of their two sons. In late 2018, he concluded a three-year matrimony with his second wife, Grace Miguel.

The nuptial news follows Usher’s highly lauded Super Bowl halftime performance at Allegiant Stadium. A-lister Alicia Keys and luminaries such as H.E.R., Jermaine Dupri, Lil Jon, and Ludacris joined him on stage to celebrate the event, which coincided with the Kansas City Chiefs’ riveting overtime victory against the San Francisco 49ers, closing at 25-22.

Aside from being recognized for his captivating Super Bowl display, Usher recently wrapped up a two-year residency titled “Usher: My Way” at Park MGM along the iconic Las Vegas Strip. Fans applaud his return to the music scene with his first solo album in eight years, and are eagerly anticipating the kick-off of his “Past Present Future” tour, a 24-city journey across the United States slated for August.

Usher, at 45, and Goicoechea, at 40, have solidified their commitment to each other amidst an amalgamation of professional success and family growth. Their marriage, a testament to their bond, remains a private sphere of joy, and as they step forward into their collaborative future, the public, both fans and friends, sends well-wishes and a resounding “Yeah!” in celebration of the love they share.

By IPL Agent

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