From Kriti Sanon to Ananya Panday actresses who want to play Madhubala in her biopic

Commemorating Madhubala’s Birth Anniversary in 2024, a lineup of illustrious actresses has come forward with a shared dream: to step into the shoes of the late iconic star on the silver screen. Madhubala, originally named Mumtaz Jehan Begum Dehlavi, was born on February 14, 1933, and over time, became a defining figure of Bollywood’s golden era. Embellished with the monikers ‘The Venus of Indian Cinema’ and ‘The Beauty with Tragedy,’ Madhubala’s captivating presence is an emblem of cinematic history that is remembered to this day. Her potential biographical film represents not just a coveted role but a pivotal homage to an artist whose existence reverberated through the field of acting.

Among the eager luminaries is Yami Gautam, who during an intimate interview, didn’t hold back her keenness to portray Madhubala. Recollecting her nocturnal routine of watching old classics, Gautam said, “I have always said this in my makeup room because I used to watch her songs at night… How well-spoken they were. There was so much more that was left to be seen, and I wish she was here today because she’s one of my most favorite actors.” The fondness Gautam holds for the yesteryear actress is potent and reflective of the deep respect she has for Madhubala’s legacy.

Ananya Panday, another rising talent in the firmament of Bollywood, found her inspiration in the method acting of Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana in “The Crown.” Her inclination towards the authenticity of biographical performances sparked a desire to breathe life into stories of past legends. Filled with ardor, Panday conveyed, “I would love to do a biopic, transforming myself into someone who already existed. I would love to act in a biopic of Madhubala Ji, Zeenat Aman Ji, Waheeda [Rehman] Ji, or Rekha Ji.”

The charming Kriti Sanon is no stranger to the pull of an epochal character such as Madhubala. Sanon’s admiration lay bare in her words, “I would love to do a biopic on Madhubala. She was very pretty. I really admire her… She still breathes in the collective memory of the public, and I believe her story has the dramatic heft that deserves to be shared with the world.”

Pallavi Sharda, who stands on the brink of her latest release “Hawaizaada,” also weighs in with her aspirations to essay Madhubala’s life. Enamored by the romanticism entwined with Madhubala’s narrative, Sharda finds that her story is not just fascinating but filled with dramatic arcs that can captivate audiences anew. “I think it would be an interesting story,” she opines with palpable enthusiasm.

Every Birth Anniversary of Madhubala turns into a reflection of her enduring charm and the profound impact she had on the Indian movie industry. Despite the passage of years, her memory is etched into the culture, seeking a portrayal that befits her stature. As these actresses each pledge their deep-seated admiration and earnestness to encapsulate Madhubala’s essence, the prospect of a biopic brims with potential—the potential to transcend time and reacquaint the world with a beauty that once lit up the hearts of millions. Whether a film comes to fruition or remains a hopeful murmur among the corridors of the film fraternity, one fact remains steadfast: Madhubala’s legacy continues to inspire, influence, and invite adulation from every corner of the entertainment world.

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