‘Tillu Square’ trailer: Siddhu Jonnalagadda Anupama Parameswaran in a madcap ride

The excitement in the Telugu film industry is palpable as “Tillu Square,” the much-awaited sequel to the 2022 box-office success “DJ Tillu,” gears up for its theatrical release on March 29th. Following several delays, the trailer has finally been released, suggesting yet another hilariously turbulent escapade featuring the loveably troublesome character Tillu, portrayed by Siddhu Jonnalagadda. Joining the fray this time is Anupama Parameswaran, whose character appears to be the catalyst for Tillu’s latest round of misadventures.

Mallik Ram takes up directorial duties for the sequel, taking over from Vimal Krishna, who directed the original. The production baton remains with Sithara Entertainments, which hopes to replicate the success of the first film. The trailer, which premiered at the Sree Ramulu theatre in Hyderabad, opens with a scene that instantly immerses viewers in a sense of familiarity and nostalgia – Tillu, engrossed in banter with his family. As the narrative unfolds, they prod him regarding his marital prospects; Tillu rejects the notion citing his desire to steer clear of trouble, reminiscent of his turbulent times with Radhika, played by Neha Shetty, in the original.

However, Tillu’s resolve soon crumbles when he crosses paths with Anupama. Known for her “girl-next-door” image, Anupama embraces a more glamorous role in this romantic comedy, intriguing viewers with a fresh character dynamic.

The comedic landscape of Telugu cinema has been eagerly awaiting a film to fill the void with fresh catchphrases and memorable one-liners – and “Tillu Square” might just be the answer. The first film’s signature phrase ‘Atluntadi Manathoni’ became part of everyday conversations, and the makers are optimistic about the sequel’s potential to leave a similar impact.

The film’s creative team boasts some well-known talent, with music by Ram Miryala, who is creating the songs, while the background score is credited to the celebrated S Thaman. The visual narrative is captured by the lens of cinematographer Sai Prakash Ummadisingu, with editing orchestrated by Naveen Nooli, rounding off a crew that promises to deliver a quality movie experience.

Alongside the lead duo, the viewers will be greeted with familiar faces from the original — one such key character being Tillu’s father, portrayed by Muralidhar Goud. The ensemble’s chemistry and comic timing were among the highlights of DJ Tillu and are expected to draw audiences back to theatres for the sequel.

The trailer sets the stage for what could be an enthralling mix of laughter, drama, and romance, intertwining Tillu’s endearing antics with Anupama’s charm. It gives a glimpse into the rambunctious energy and riotous humor that the film promises, setting the bar high for Telugu comedies this year.

Anticipation for “Tillu Square” is at an all-time high, as audiences look forward to reconnecting with the characters that captured their hearts in DJ Tillu. The trailer has only served to whet their appetites for the full spectacle that awaits on the big screen.

As the countdown to the release continues, fans are marking their calendars, eager to witness the unruly world of Tillu unfold once more. With a blend of established names and emerging talent, high expectations hover over “Tillu Square”— a film that could very well set the tone for the future of humor in regional cinema. The laughter, the love, and the sheer madness – it all returns to enchant and entertain, promising an uproarious cinematic experience.

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