Bringing a bit of jazz and a whole lot melody to Bengaluru this weekend

As Bangaloreans, we’re eternally on the quest for new experiences, and this weekend, the city’s music venues are answering the call with a lineup of extraordinary performances showcasing a gamut of genres and styles. From the syncopated beats of jazz fusion to the evocative world of synthwave, every music aficionado has a reason to venture out and treat their ears.

To begin this melodious weekend, there’s a jazz fusion gig at Windmills in Whitefield, scheduled for two consecutive nights, February 16 and 17, starting from 9:30 pm. The Ministry of Culture and Arts (MOCA), contrary to what the name might imply, is not a cohort of government officials but a group of talented musicians from diverse cultural backgrounds who are all set to raise the bar for dynamic performances.

Boasting an ensemble featuring Cyprian bassist Marios Menelaou, guitarist Odysseas Toumazou, pianist Christos Yerolatsitis, and Hungarian drummer Aron Nyiro, MOCA is all about breaking boundaries. Their music is a seamless amalgamation of contemporary jazz rhythms with the rich textures of fusion music, creating an engaging and vibrant soundscape that is both harmonious and highly expressive. Expect these seasoned professionals to take you on a memorable journey of skill, passion, and creativity. For those looking to experience their artistry live, tickets are available for ₹1,500 for seating and ₹499 for standing through BookMyShow.

On February 17, at the cozy setting of Lahe Lahe in Indiranagar, audiences are invited to an intimate evening with Rachnachar, also known as Pranjal Uniyal. Coming from the picturesque Himalayas, this Shimla-based singer-songwriter and fingerstyle guitarist are poised to enrich your evening with stories through his music. The recently released collaborative album ‘Agree to Disagree’ under his project ‘Seeking Spaces’ has already resonated with many, and now Bengaluru has the opportunity to experience his auditory tales in person. As Pranjal notes about the Bangalore audience, there’s an eager anticipation to dive deep into the experiences he crafts through his art. Tickets for his storytelling session come at a modest ₹300 and are purchasable via BookMyShow.

On the other hand, fans of retro-futuristic beats are in for a rare treat as the American synthwave band The Midnight gears up to perform at GYLT in Hennur on February 18 from 8 pm. Their music is a perfect blend of groovy, nostalgic, and modern electronic sounds, where synth meets pop and rock influences. Being one of the pioneers in the synthwave and chillwave movement since 2012, The Midnight, consisting primarily of singer-songwriter Tyler Lyle and producer Tim McEwan, will deliver a show that promises to be a groovy blast from the past with a contemporary twist. The Bengaluru audience will also have the pleasure to hear the local band Tron1982, led by guitarist, producer, and synth artist Premik Jolly, opening for them. The tickets for this blast-from-the-past experience are priced at ₹2,999 and can be acquired through

Lastly, for lovers of Carnatic music infused with global influences, the intimate Blue Room in Jayanagar holds a special performance by The Lakkshya Quartet on February 18, starting at 5 pm. The quartet, initially founded by violinists KJ Diliip and vocalist Ila Sangeetha Diliip, also features percussionist Sunaad Anoor and pianist Aman Mahajan. The ensemble has graced stages in India and Europe, enthralling audiences with their unique blend of traditional and contemporary melodies. Their music reflects a medley of enjoyment, experimentation, and artistic synergy. Eager listeners can be part of this limited-capacity event for ₹750, available through

As the weekend approaches, Bengaluru prepares for a series of musical extravaganzas. Whether it’s the harmonious melodies of MOCA, the personal strains of Rachnachar, or the immersive world of The Midnight, there’s a symphony for every soul in the city. So, gather your friends, grab your tickets and immerse yourself in a weekend of unforgettable tunes and rhythms!

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