Shreyas Talpade on how wife Deepti coped with his heart attack: Her trauma is bigger than mine | Exclusive

Shreyas Talpade, renowned for delighting audiences with his diverse and compelling performances, recently shared a deeply personal account following a major health scare. In December 2023, the actor suffered a heart attack that nearly claimed his life, leading to a profound reassessment of his priorities and lifestyle. As he returns to the limelight with ‘Hee Anokhi Gaath’, directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Shreyas candidly discusses with the importance of slowing down and cherishing life’s every moment.

The gravity of his situation is evident as Shreyas credits his wife, Deepti, for his survival and ability to resume his passion for acting. “Had she not been there we would not be talking today,” he stated unequivocally. The aftermath of this life-altering event saw Deepti grappling with her own trauma—much more intense than what Shreyas himself endured. He acknowledges the emotional toll it has taken on her, as she witnessed her husband’s brush with death and struggled with the uncertainty that followed. Shreyas believes that recovery for both will be a gradual process.

Reflecting on the ordeal, the actor realizes that his relentless pursuit of work might have played a role in the unforeseen incident. He recalls how Deepti would urge him to take it easy, particularly during intense schedules—advice he admits to overlooking. The actor’s recollection of the events on December 14, 2023, illustrates his loss of control during the critical moment of his heart attack and signifies a turning point in his life.

Now, as a thoughtful father, Shreyas contemplates the implications of not being there for his daughter, Aadya. He envisions a more balanced approach to his work and personal life, desiring to witness his daughter’s growth and milestones. He intimately shares the mutual understanding that Aadya, despite her young age, has shown since his return from the hospital.

The couple’s union, dating back to 2004, appears to be a pillar of strength for Shreyas. He fondly remembers the instant connection they shared, reminiscing about their swift journey to matrimony. Shreyas expresses gratitude for Deepti’s sacrifices, including setting her own aspirations aside to maintain the foundation of their family. It’s clear that for Shreyas, success is as much about family and shared happiness as it is about professional achievements.

Shreyas, also respected for his role in ‘Om Shanti Om’, advocates for the sanctity of marriage against the backdrop of increasing rates of divorce. For him, the joy lies in sharing life’s triumphs and challenges with his loved ones at home.

As for his career, Shreyas is set to appear in ‘Welcome To The Jungle’ under Ahmed Khan’s direction. But his return to the set comes with new restrictions—doctors have advised against any strenuous scenes for a few months. Shreyas reveals how Khan has been supportive and accommodating of these necessary adjustments. Optimistically, he suggests that these health-driven limitations might even enhance his portrayal and benefit the film in unexpected ways.

In conclusion, Shreyas Talpade’s recent health scare has nudged him toward a different perspective on life, work, and family. In sharing his story, he expresses an unwavering sense of hope and a newfound respect for the delicate balance between pursuing one’s passions and cherishing life’s fleeting moments. With the love and support of his wife Deepti, Shreyas is eager to embrace his second chance at life, both on and off the screen.

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