Have you heard? Industry unwelcoming to outsiders?

In a candid conversation on a popular chat show, Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor, offspring of the illustrious Pankaj Kapur and Neelima Azeem, disclosed the disdainful treatment he faced as an industry newcomer. Despite his family’s cinematic lineage, Kapoor’s journey was fraught with the stigma of being an outsider. “I was from Delhi, new to Bombay, and I wasn’t welcomed. It’s akin to high school, where cliques are rigid, and outsiders struggle to find acceptance,” Kapoor recounted. Enduring years of alienation, he admitted to initially lacking the fortitude to counter the industry’s intimidations. However, with seasoned resolve, he now declares a bullish stance against any attempts at bullying: “I will bully the bully, because they deserve it.”

Amidst an empowering summit, Indian cinema’s ageless icon, Anil Kapoor, elucidated his decision to feature in “The Night Manager,” crediting his daughter Sonam Kapoor’s literary enthusiasm as a pivotal influence. “Sonam’s urged me to embrace the role after her admiration for the book,” he shared. Deeply engaged with younger perspectives to remain pertinent, Kapoor reflected on his continuous allure to venerable filmmakers and a dash of serendipity that have buttressed his enduring relevance.

Palash Sen, the architect of India’s 90s indie pop revolution with hits like “Maeri,” heralds a fresh foray into films with the release of “Guzel Kiz.” Starring his son Kinshuk, this musical short traverses the nuances of narcissism and the complexities of love. Sen revels in the creative tapestry this project weaves—melding supernatural undertones with a visceral human experience.

In an unprecedented move, Bollywood titan Salman Khan has elected to democratize his artwork, offering fractions of his paintings to the greater public. “My art can now be a shared treasure,” Khan rejoiced. The initiative presents a novel intersection of art and collective ownership.

Nonagenarian songstress Asha Bhosle, whose voice first graced ears at the tender age of 10, astonishingly pledges to perform 18 songs without respite. Bhosle, steadfast in her dedication, will commemorate her 90th birthday with a musical tour across Maharashtra, providing audiences a chance to witness a living legend. “Attend, lest you live in regret of missing history,” she implores.

In matrimonial news, Taapsee Pannu, fresh from her role in “Dunki,” is rumored to be approaching wedlock with longtime beau Mathias Boe. The nuptials, said to blend Sikh and Christian rituals, are reportedly to transpire in Udaipur. The couple, though private, have not concealed their alliance. Boe, a distinguished Danish badminton figure and coach to India’s doubles team, may soon confirm the wedding whispers.

Lastly, Rohit Saraf, beloved for his performances in “Vikram Vedha” and “The Sky is Pink,” celebrated completing the Hyderabad leg of “Mismatched,” the acclaimed Netflix series. This third installment sees him reprising his role as Rishi Singh Shekhawat. Anticipation swirls as behind-the-scenes glimpses emerge on social media, teasing the upcoming season of this much-adored drama.

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