Ranveer Singh’s ‘Don 3’ to be most expensive film in the franchise with budget of Rs 275 crore

The Indian film fraternity is buzzing with anticipation as Farhan Akhtar, the visionary filmmaker, readies to catapult the ‘Don’ franchise to unparalleled heights with ‘Don 3’. The newest chapter not only heralds the entry of Ranveer Singh as the suave and enigmatic Don, but sets a new benchmark in the franchise’s scale and budget, with a colossal investment of Rs 275 crore, excluding publicity costs. This positions ‘Don 3’ as potentially the most expensive film of the series, and a testimony to Akhtar’s ambition to create a cinematic experience that goes beyond the Indian shores and competes with global action thrillers.

Ranveer Singh, renowned for his versatile acting prowess and ability to immerse himself in diverse roles, takes the baton from Shah Rukh Khan, who has etched the character of Don in the minds of the audience with his two previous performances. ‘Don 3’ promises to be a spectacle that celebrates this transition, as Singh is primed to inject fresh energy into the role. The upcoming film is being fashioned to not just outdo its predecessors in terms of budget but also to reach for a global standard in filmmaking.

The action-thriller, as per reports from Bollywood Hungama, is visualized to lock horns with not just the Indian spy movie universe but also aims to create ripples on an international platform. A source in the know revealed that unlike prior installments, ‘Don 3’ will have a distinctive edge with its lead character, who is painted with shades of grey, giving it a unique flavour among Indian action films.

Kiara Advani, another prominent name in Indian cinema, is slated to join the ‘Don’ universe as the leading lady, presenting her with the chance to demonstrate her mettle in the action genre. Advani’s portrayal is highly anticipated, as she has expressed her eagerness to imbibe the character and undertake rigorous preparation to bring authenticity to her action-packed role. With her statement highlighting the desire for a genre switch, Advani gears up for an intense training period in her bid to convincingly depict the new dimension of her on-screen persona.

Akhtar, who is no stranger to delivering cinematic masterpieces, appears to have a comprehensive vision to carve ‘Don 3’ into a product of international standards. The motivation is to craft a narrative enriched with thrilling sequences, sprawling landscapes, and polished storytelling that can contest with renowned spy action flicks worldwide. The investment behind this project underscores the confidence vested in this vision, and the devoted fanbase of the ‘Don’ saga eagerly awaits the thrilling rollercoaster that awaits them.

By setting the production value at Rs 275 crore, ‘Don 3’ makes a bold statement about the scope of Indian cinema and its steady march towards global competitiveness. The film’s narrative architecture is tailored to not just captivate the domestic audience but also to captivate viewers worldwide, bridging the cinematic tastes of diverse populations.

The inclusion of high-octane action sequences, coupled with the darker undercurrents of the protagonist, positions ‘Don 3’ as a refreshing variation from the standard offerings of the Indian action genre. It hints at a concoction that is poised to offer a riveting watch, layered with complexity and sophistication.

Indeed, ‘Don 3’ stands as a beacon of the evolving landscape of the Indian film industry. With aspirations of making a mark on a universal scale, coupled with the star power of Ranveer Singh and Kiara Advani, Farhan Akhtar’s ambitious venture is all set to redefine the benchmarks for what constitutes a blockbuster in Indian cinema. Viewers across the globe stay tuned for a cinematic experience that promises to marry Bollywood’s flair with international film-making finesse.

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