R Madhavan reveals how his role in ‘Shaitaan’ impacted his relationship with his wife

In what can be described as a chilling on-screen transformation, Indian cinema’s beloved actor R Madhavan has delved into uncharted territory with his latest role in the supernatural thriller ‘Shaitaan’. The highly anticipated film, set to hit theatres on March 8, showcases Madhavan in a sinister avatar, with his portrayal eliciting an equal measure of admiration and apprehension from fans and even his family.

Starring alongside the esteemed Ajay Devgn and the talented Jyotika, ‘Shaitaan’ revolves around a seemingly innocuous weekend getaway for the Kabir family that swiftly descends into a living nightmare. After innocently welcoming a mysterious stranger into their home, the family’s encounter with the malevolent forces of Indian Black Magic leads to an amalgamation of terror and suspense.

During the eventful trailer launch, Madhavan, who is affectionately known as Maddy in film circles, recounted how his portrayal of the enigmatic stranger impacted his domestic life, particularly his relationship with his wife. “I can not tell you what an amazing experience it has been, especially with a team like this. I never imagined I could push myself to this level that people would get scared,” said Madhavan. His performance has been so convincing that his wife now perceives him in a different light, causing a humorous yet telling distance in their interactions. “Even today she tells me to talk to her from a distance. So I might face some trouble after this film,” he quipped.

The role of the antagonist could have easily fallen to Ajay Devgn, who is no stranger to darker characters himself, having portrayed complex figures previously. However, discussions around casting led to a mutual agreement that Madhavan would take on this challenging part. Ajay, who co-produced ‘Shaitaan’, explained his decision, “When we started shooting, the first thing Maddy said was ‘Why aren’t you doing this role? Why have you given it to me?’ I told him I felt for the father’s character, so I would not be able to do justice to the other character, it’s a much stronger character though. But the character I connect with, I wanted to play that.” Thus, audiences will witness Devgn in a form that resonates deeply with paternal instincts, fighting against the dark forces that threaten his family.

The movie’s premise sets it apart, with the clever use of Indian Black Magic as a central plot device, hinting at an exploration of cultural lore wrapped in contemporary storytelling. Madhavan’s performance as the kind stranger whose facade crumbles to unravel his true malevolent intentions promises to be a highlight of the film.

The reception to the teaser and trailer has been fervent, with audiences speculating on the depth and nature of the terror that will unfold. The film weaves psychological horror with the supernatural, promising a journey that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

‘Shaitaan’ stands as a testament to the diversity and stretching capabilities of actors like R Madhavan who, over the years, have created a niche for themselves as versatile artists. Known for his charming and affable roles, Madhavan’s plunge into the realm of on-screen villainy marks a bold departure from expectation, one that is likely to be rewarded with critical acclaim and audience awe.

As the film industry and its viewers await the official release, there is a palpable excitement to see how this dark tale of magic, morality, and malice unfolds on the big screen. And for Madhavan, while he playfully anticipates domestic chatter, the true victory lies in his career’s brave leap into the shadowed unknown, embodying the essence of an actor’s endless pursuit of transformation and truth.

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