Rakul Preet Singh turns into chef cooks halwa as she performs ‘pehli rasoi’

Following the enchanting nuptials of Rakul Preet Singh and Jackky Bhagnani in the coastal paradise of Goa, the renowned actress has taken to the kitchen in a heartwarming post-wedding tradition. The couple, who solidified their union on the auspicious date of 21st February, are basking in the glow of matrimonial bliss. Revelations from the ceremony and subsequent festivities have been making the rounds on social media, capturing the hearts of fans and well-wishers globally.

Embracing marital duties with grace, Rakul Preet Singh recently partook in the “Pehli Rasoi,” a custom deeply rooted in Indian wedding traditions. In this ceremonial act, marking her first venture into the kitchen as a bride, Rakul prepared a sweet dish, specifically halwa, as an offering to her new family. The “Pehli Rasoi,” translating to ‘First Kitchen’ in English, is a rite in which the bride showcases her culinary skills and expresses her intentions to nurture her marriage with sweetness and harmony.

The news of this touching gesture was accompanied by Rakul’s personal Instagram share, where she is seen immersed in the act of cooking. The ritual of “chauka chardana,” or stepping into the kitchen, was beautifully documented and celebrated by the actress, symbolically initiating her entry into family life.

The halwa, a confection often associated with auspicious occasions in Indian culture, was more than just a dessert; it represented Rakul’s goodwill and her embrace of the new chapter she and Jackky had embarked upon. This culinary rite is looked upon with affection and reverence by the family, as the bride’s first hands-on contribution to household traditions.

Amidst the joyous post-wedding ceremonies, Rakul and Jackky found time to share glimpses of their romantic wedding with the world. Upon the picturesque Goan backdrop, the couple shared intimate moments that were captured and immortalized in images. The happiness they felt was palpable as they unveiled their first marital photographs under the hashtag “Mine now and forever 21-02-2024 #abdonobhagna-ni.”

The charm of the event was markedly elevated by the couple’s choice of wardrobe. Rakul donned a hand-embroidered bridal lehenga, aglow with 3D floral motifs in delicate ivory and blush hues. The sheer tulle sleeves of her blouse, replete with pearl and crystal detailing, coupled with a tulle veil embellished with stars and Swarovski crystals, were conceived by the acclaimed designer Tarun Tahiliani. Striving for modernity while retaining the essence of floral elements, the attire reflected the vision of the bride in all its glory.

Jackky Bhagnani’s attire echoed the same commitment to tradition and elegance, clothed in an ivory chikankari sherwani, festooned with the artisanal ‘chinar’ motif. The ensemble was a testament to six months of craftsmanship, featuring Tahiliani’s iconic pleated stole, and each element of zardozi and chikankari meticulously hand-embroidered. This homage to Kashmiri beauty and heritage by Tarun Tahiliani showcased the meeting of culture, artistry, and personal style that underpinned the wedding’s aesthetic.

The couple stands intertwined by the dreams they weaved amid the soft sands of Goa, a testament to their love and commitment. As they step forward into life’s journey together, Rakul’s gesture within the kitchen walls is a small yet significant step – a promise of all the care, love, and togetherness they are set to share for a lifetime. Through Rakul’s ‘Pehli Rasoi,’ the new bride has sweetly solidified her bond with family, ringing in an era of festivity and mutual affection.

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