Carnatic music maestro D. Seshachary of Hyderabad Brothers no more

A profound sense of loss envelops the Carnatic music community as D. Seshachary, a preeminent classical vocalist of the Hyderabad Brothers duo, passed away on a serene Saturday evening. The news of his departure has sent a wave of mourning through the artistic circles and among aficionados of traditional Southern Indian music. At the age of 66, the maestro succumbed after receiving medical treatment at Basavatarakam Cancer Hospital, marking the end of an era in the Carnatic music heritage.

D. Seshachary is survived by his devoted wife Sharada, his son Srinivas Chary, and his daughter Archana, all of whom are steeped in the sorrow of his absence. To allow friends, family, and fans to pay their respects, his mortal remains are housed at their family home in Padmarao Nagar. Plans for his cremation are slated for Sunday, as shared by the grieving family.

The musical maestro’s origins trace back to a family immersed in the musical ethos of Hyderabad. Early in life, D. Seshachary took to the art form with an innate grace, his tutelage under the watchful eyes of his father, Daroor Ratnamacharyulu, and Carnatic vocalist mother, Sulochana Devi.

The celebrated Hyderabad Brothers carved their niche in the kacheri circles of Madras (now Chennai), a city revered as the epicenter of Carnatic music. Matching the lofty expectations of Chennai’s discerning rasikas, the duo honed their craft to a fine edge. This experience galvanized their confidence and upon their return to Hyderabad, they continued their legacy, mesmerizing audiences with their classical artistry.

Their collaborative journey saw them enchanting not merely the dedicated connoisseurs of Carnatic music but also charming a fresh wave of enthusiasts within Hyderabad. This broad appeal solidified their stature in the music scene, being recognized as illustrious proponents of the Carnatic tradition.

The synergy of the Hyderabad Brothers in concert was a demonstration of both vibrant energy and contemplative depth. D. Seshachary was often the embodiment of dynamic expression, while D. Raghavachary, his sibling, injected nuanced subtlety into their performances. This enabled them to deliver captivating recitals that resonated deeply with their audiences.

Tours that spanned the breadth of India and voyages overseas brought the brothers widespread fame. Their commitment and talent were formally acknowledged in 2013 when the prestigious Sangeet Natak Akademi honored them with an award for their contribution to Carnatic classical music.

D. Seshachary was more than a performer; he was a mentor and guide to a generation of budding musicians. His disciples, many now accomplished concert artistes, carry the torch forward, integrating the quintessential “Seshachary-style” into their repertoires.

Aside from live performances, the brothers’ musical legacy also includes numerous recordings. They graced the airwaves of All India Radio and Doordarshan and produced close to 50 CDs showcasing their renditions, which remain as timeless treasures.

As the curtains fall on D. Seshachary’s earthly sojourn, the Carnatic music fraternity confronts a loss that cannot be filled. Nonetheless, his music, teachings, and influence will endure, continuing to stir and propel legions of musicians and music lovers on their artistic quests. The echoes of his voice and his dedication to the art will reverberate for generations to come, forever a part of the cultural tapestry of Hyderabad, and indeed, of Carnatic music everywhere.

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