Onir’s ‘Pine Cone’ to be screened at the BFI Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival

In a celebration of diversity and queer narratives, the upcoming 38th British Film Institute Flare: London LGBTQIA+ Film Festival is poised to present a special screening of an anticipated Indian film titled ‘Pine Cone’. Crafted by the acclaimed filmmaker Onir, the movie will grace the festival’s lineup with its profound tale on March 21 and 22, shedding light on the intricacies of a gay man’s journey through life.

With palpable excitement, Onir expressed his honor in having ‘Pine Cone’ selected for prestigious display at what is considered one of the world’s most significant queer film events. This recognition underscores the global resonance of LGBTQIA+ stories and their expanding footprint in contemporary cinema.

Onir took to social media to announce the news as well as the commencement of ticket sales for the screenings. The enthusiastic response was apparent, as seats for the March 22nd showing quickly sold out. This fervent interest reflects the film community’s support for LGBTQ+ representation and the anticipation for Onir’s work.

“This film is a labor of love, and I am immensely proud of the journey it has taken from its inception to this moment. ‘Pine Cone’ is more than just a film; it’s a testament to the power of storytelling and the importance of LGBTQ+ narratives in cinema. I hope it serves as an inspiration to aspiring filmmakers and continues to push the boundaries of queer cinema. I am looking forward to be in London for the screening,” Onir stated, emphasizing the movie’s significance beyond its aesthetic appeal.

The film ‘Pine Cone’ offers a compelling narrative that spans three decades. It is an intimate portrayal of a gay man navigating through the ebbs and flows of relationships and society’s changing attitudes. Entrusted with the task of bringing the central characters to life is a talented ensemble of newcomer actors – Vidur Sethi, Hanun Bawra, Aniket Ghosh, Amit Gurjar, Damandeep Singh Chaudhary, and Sahib Verma, each delivering performances that resonate with authenticity and emotional depth.

Crafting the screenplay alongside Onir was writer Ashwini Malik, who together imbued the film with a narrative richness and emotional texture. The film represents a creative partnership, with Onir co-producing the movie with Anish, seasoned actor Sanjay Suri, Sanjay Routray, and Kewal Garg. The collaboration between Matchbox Pictures Pvt Ltd and Onir’s own production house, Anticlock Films, resulted in a work that encapsulates the shared vision and dedication of its creators.

Prior to its scheduled screening at the BFI Flare Festival, ‘Pine Cone’ garnished accolades, securing ‘the Rainbow Stories award’ at The Indian Film Festival of Melbourne and an ‘Honorable Mention – Best Feature’ at International South Asian Film Festival Canada. These early honors signify the film’s potential to make a significant impact on audiences and critics alike, elevating the discourse surrounding queer themes in international cinema.

The success of ‘Pine Cone’ and its reception at one of the world’s most acclaimed LGBTQ+ film festivals speaks volumes about the universality of its story and the need for dialogue and representation within the industry. It also reaffirms the festival’s commitment to championing films that explore diverse perspectives and experiences, celebrating the richness of the LGBTQIA+ community through the art of film.

As the festival approaches, excitement mounts for what promises to be a captivating and thought-provoking experience. ‘Pine Cone’ and similar works continue to assert the importance of storytelling in fostering understanding and acceptance, marking a period of significant progress in the celebration of queer narratives.

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