Emraan Hashmi reveals Karan Johar cut the shot after he called Aishwarya Rai ‘plastic’ on Koffee With Karan: ‘Everyone was dumbfounded’

Not one to shy away from candid remarks, Bollywood actor Emraan Hashmi, whose presence onscreen has evolved from a quintessential romantic hero to a versatile actor tackling diverse roles, recently revisited one of the most electrifying moments of his television appearances. On an episode of the widely-watched ‘Koffee With Karan’, hosted by the multi-faceted filmmaker Karan Johar, Hashmi’s comment regarding actress Aishwarya Rai Bachchan had sent ripples across the entertainment industry.

Popularly known for pushing celebrities to spill the beans on the show, Johar’s rapid-fire segment with Hashmi and veteran filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt had thrown the usual share of spicy conversation into uncharted territory. With the actors generally playing along with the show’s provocative format, it was Hashmi’s blunt description of Rai Bachchan as ‘plastic’ that caught everyone – from the crew to the audience – off-guard.

Already recognized for his candid demeanor, Hashmi’s quick assessment did not sit well with fans and critics of the globally acclaimed former Miss World, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan. Soon after, Hashmi found himself at the center of a controversy that would persist well beyond the airing of the episode.

Hashmi recently broached the subject again in a conversation with Bollywood Bubble, expounding on the aftereffects of his candid remark. Currently all set for his upcoming project ‘Showtime’, a series that promises an insightful look into the mechanics of the film industry, the actor drew parallels between his portrayal and his true-life persona, especially in the context of the infamous Koffee With Karan episode. Playing a character who is unwaveringly blunt, Hashmi acknowledged the similarities, albeit recognizing that his on-show character is a figment of fiction.

With the notoriety of the comment bearing down on him for a significant duration of time, Hashmi shared a behind-the-scenes moment that unfolded immediately after the response was aired. According to him, a stunned silence had washed over the set. Johar, known for his composed demeanor, was left contemplating whether the bold reply should be retained. Members of the production staff had concurred that it could stay, asserting the outspoken nature of the show.

When the dust had settled, Hashim felt compelled to contextualize his statement, reiterating his respect for Rai Bachchan. In his clarification with Hindustan Times, he explained that his responses were tailored to the competitive spirit of the show, which often nudges the guest to push the envelope in the pursuit of winning the coveted ‘hamper’. Hashmi made it clear that his remark was not meant to be taken seriously, emphasizing his admiration for Aishwarya’s work and astutely observing that public figures are often the subject of unwarranted sensationalism.

This intersection of candid commentary and celebrity culture brings to light the paradox of the entertainment industry, where scripted reality and personal opinions often blur, sparking debates that last beyond the ephemeral run-time of a television episode. As Hashmi primes himself for ‘Showtime’, which is set to carve its niche, the actor’s reflective remarks remind viewers of the complex dynamics and expectations of stardom, where every word can be as gripping as the roles portrayed on the silver screen.

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