Manisha Koirala: After 30 years 100 films I have earned my me time

Manisha Koirala, the esteemed actress whose career has graced the silver screen for over three decades, has recently opened up about her conscious decision to slow down after reaching the milestone age of 50. The celebrated star, known for her compelling performances in over 100 films, has proclaimed that she has “earned” her “me time,” and is now cherishing the simple joys of life away from the arclights.

Koirala took to Instagram to give her followers a glimpse into her current life, posting a series of pictures accompanied by reflections on her newfound pace of life. She wrote, “A lot of people ask me what I`m doing these days…some genuinely asking but sometimes it’s like asking at 53 you couldn’t be doing much…true!!” Far from being idle, Koirala revealed that she is savoring a “different flavor of life,” engaging in activities that bring her joy, ranging from spending tranquil moments with her pets, absorbing the teachings of spirituality, to venturing into the arts of singing and dancing. Her days now may also include serene nature walks, fitness routines and the pleasures of international travel.

The famed actress, who is also a cancer survivor and an inspiration to many, emphasized that she now chooses work engagements that she loves and that provide her with a satisfying process of work. Grateful for the presence of good people around her and the grace of God, she reflected on the solitude and challenges faced in her buzzing career, where the highs and lows of celebrity life were constant companions. “Having lived alone most of my life in a buzzing city with the most demanding profession that I absolutely adore… being a celebrity one has to face too many ups and downs, good and bad people…good media and harmful fake news…without the security of a supportive circle of people and all alone!!”

Looking back, Koirala pondered over the resilience of her younger self, the undying zeal that drove her to face the world, comforted only by a few true friends during the loneliest times. Now, seeking serenity over spectacle, she has shifted her focus to crafting a “peaceful, happy, healthy, wholesome life.” The actress resolutely stated that her preference now lies with quieter surroundings, fewer shocks, and carefully considered long-term decisions.

Manisha Koirala’s illustrious career began in the Nepali film industry with ‘Pheri Bhetaula’ in 1989, followed by a breakthrough in Hindi cinema with ‘Saudagar’ in 1991. Her remarkable filmography includes acclaimed titles such as ‘1942: A Love Story’, ‘Bombay’, ‘Gupt: The Hidden Truth’, and ‘Dil Se..’, among others. Koirala remains a fixture in cinema; she is set to present her artistry in Sanjay Leela Bhansali’s upcoming project ‘Heera Mandi,’ a narrative enveloping the lives of courtesans in Lahore’s historic red-light district during the tumultuous times of the Indian Independence movement.

Koirala’s narrative is not just about stepping away from the limelight; it is about embracing a phase of life where personal fulfillment takes precedence over public demands. Her journey continues to inspire, displaying that even after the pinnacle of professional success, there is beauty in choosing a path that resonates with one’s inner values and desires.

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