Arjun Kapoor: ‘Never been an insecure actor’

In the landscape of Bollywood, where heroes often bask in the limelight, Arjun Kapoor takes a daring turn to challenge the archetype, stepping into the role of a formidable villain in the highly anticipated “Singham Again.” Celebrated director Rohit Shetty finds his match in Kapoor, who is set to square off against not just one, but a dynamo cast of law enforcers led by Ajay Devgn in the third installment of the Singham franchise.

With the film community humming since the actor’s first look from the movie emerged, Kapoor’s portrayal of an ice-cold adversary has been met with enthusiasm from his audience. However, the actor himself finds a deeper satisfaction in the confidence entrusted in him by leading filmmakers. “I’m thankful to all the directors and producers, who have given me a chance to shine,” Kapoor shared, his smile an evident sign of his passion for the craft. “I’m ecstatic that a [successful] filmmaker like Rohit Shetty saw that I had the potential to play the villain in his massively mounted Singham Again. I have given it my all,” he added with fervor.

Within the ecosystem of the Singham franchise, the narrative pits Kapoor’s character against the might of cinematic stalwarts such as Devgn, Akshay Kumar, Ranveer Singh, and Deepika Padukone to Tiger Shroff—a formidable lineup craving an equally powerful antagonist. It seems that Kapoor is more than ready to rise to the occasion. “I never planned to become an actor, but I fell in love with the movies,” Kapoor revealed, speaking of his accidental yet passionate journey into the world of acting. “I wanted to explore acting without being fixated on the role type. I’ve always sought to experience that exhilarating rush in front of the camera,” he elaborated on his approach to his career.

Kapoor’s versatility and willingness to engage with a wide spectrum of characters is evident from his eclectic body of work. From the unconventional “Finding Fanny” (2014) to the recent dark narrative “Kuttey” (2023), he has consistently selected scripts based on the strength of their storytelling, unconcerned by any potential impact on his public image. Reflecting on his journey, Kapoor noted, “I have never been an insecure actor. I played the lead, pioneered the two-hero trend with ‘Gunday’ [2014], ventured into ensemble territory with ‘Mubarakan’ [2017], and essayed non-conforming roles, such as a supportive house-husband in ‘Ki & Ka’ [2016]. Now, I’m embracing the character of an anti-hero.”

This emblematic leap from hero to anti-hero is not just career-defining but emblematic of the actor’s internal ethos—one that seeks continuous evolution and a break from stereotypical casting. His varied portrayals have woven a career tapestry rich with risks and rewards. By not constraining himself within the boundaries of lead roles, Kapoor has maintained a sense of creative liberty, thus cementing his status as a dynamic actor in Bollywood.

“Singham Again” promises to be a monumental feat for Kapoor, serving as both a testament and a challenge to his acting prowess. As audiences eagerly await the film’s release, there is a palpable excitement to witness how Kapoor’s portrayal of the villain will stand out in the pantheon of Bollywood antagonists—a role that could redefine his legacy and set new benchmarks in cinematic villainy.

As the film industry continues to evolve, spotlighting intricate stories and multifaceted characters, actors like Arjun Kapoor contribute significantly to the narrative diversity that defines contemporary Indian cinema. His willingness to pivot from expected norms, carving out a niche that transcends the traditional hero-villain dichotomy, is a narrative to follow. With the release of “Singham Again,” Kapoor’s journey into the complex psyche of a villain is sure to leave an indelible mark, offering audiences a glimpse of a talent unafraid to traverse the spectrum of human emotion and morality on the silver screen.

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