Inside pics from Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s son Jeh’s Spiderman-themed birthday party

The tinsel town of Bollywood witnessed an adorable marvel as Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan’s youngest son, Jeh, turned a year older this Wednesday. In celebration, the power couple rolled out a spectacular superhero-themed birthday party for their son, turning three. It was an affair graced by Mumbai’s little glitterati, as several celebrity kids and Jeh’s cousins joined in on the fun.

The party scene painted a vivid picture of swanky styles and themed enthusiasm. Kareena Kapoor Khan made a striking appearance, impeccably dressed in a chic green blazer paired effortlessly with a yellow t-shirt and blue jeans. Flaunting her ever-glamorous persona, she accessorized with a handheld bag and trendy white sneakers, finishing the look with dewy makeup and eye-catching statement earrings. Saif Ali Khan, the ever-dapper Nawab, stuck to his ethnic roots, donning a classic kurta-pyjama ensemble.

Adding a sprinkle of cuteness to the star-studded event, their elder son, Taimur, trooped in clad in his school uniform, flanked by his merry band of school friends. Soon after, the birthday boy himself made a charming entrance. Little Jeh was an epitome of toddler fashion in a white shirt and sweater vest over jeans — his outfit a perfect testament to the blend of cosiness and style.

The lavish celebration was briefed on Instagram by Saba Pataudi, Saif Ali Khan’s sister. Among the numerous photos she shared, one captured her posing with Kareena, beaming with aunty’s pride. However, stealing the spotlight with its outstanding craftsmanship was the three-tiered Spiderman cake that allowed the birthday boy to live his superhero dreams. Aptly inscribed with “Happy Birthday to our Jeh Baba,” the cake bore a deep significance, echoing the affectionate nickname Kareena dotes on her son.

A snapshot showed young Jeh taking an entranced gaze at the confectionery masterpiece, almost as if to survey it with the earnest scrutiny of a superhero analysis. Another moment caught him surrounded by a circle of love: family members, starry-eyed friends, and his adoring grandmother, reveling in the joyous occasion.

To make the event even more memorable, Saba posted a heartwarming picture of Jeh standing confidently in front of a glowing numeral representing his age. The image wasn’t just a measure of time but a beacon of the journey ahead, filled with more smiles, more milestones.

A dive into the storied romance of Kareena Kapoor and Saif Ali Khan only amplifies the warmth felt at the jubilee. Their journey together has been one of both professional collaboration and personal adoration. The duo appeared alongside each other in productions such as “LOC Kargil” (2003) and “Omkara” (2006). Nonetheless, it was during the shoot of the action film “Tashan” (2008) that the flames of love truly ignited between them, culminating in a wedding on October 16, 2012. Their family blossomed first with the birth of Taimur in 2016 and then with little Jeh joining the family tapestry in February 2021. Saif Ali Khan shares two more children, Sara Ali Khan and Ibrahim Ali Khan, with his previous wife, actress Amrita Singh.

The narratives shared on social media from Jeh’s birthday encapsulate more than the snippets of a festivity; they reflect a family’s legacy interwoven with Bollywood’s charm. It’s a testament to celebrations that, despite being exclusive, unite the community in admiration and joy for the milestones of its youngest members. The excitement and smiles radiating from the pictures exude the warmth that only a family’s love can cultivate, marking yet another year in the life of Jeh, under the watchful, loving gaze of his star-studded family and their well-wishers.

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