Hrithik Roshan Transforms YRF Studios Into an Ancient Japanese Monastery for ‘War 2’

The cinematic landscape is set to be thrilled once again by Hrithik Roshan’s highly anticipated ‘War 2,’ the sequel to his 2019 blockbuster espionage thriller. With the directorial vision of Ayan Mukerji, the production is raising the stakes, offering audiences a panoramic international escapade with some of its latest scenes unfolding not on foreign soil, but on a magnificent set recreated within the confines of YRF Studios in Andheri.

This ambitious new chapter in the YRF spy universe sees Hrithik Roshan reprising his role as the adept R&AW agent Kabir Dhaliwal, whose previous missions spanned Morocco, Portugal, and Italy. In ‘War 2,’ Dhaliwal’s adventures soar to new heights—this time, he embraces the culture and combat of Japan, a setting integral to the film’s thrill-rich narrative.

The production recently constructed a massive set depicting a 300-year-old Japanese monastery situated atop a hill, a feat achieved by the artistry of Rajat Poddarr and his team. The choice to build this extraordinary set rather than opting for on-location shooting epitomizes the film’s commitment to aesthetic authenticity and narrative immersion.

The action sequence set within this elaborate backdrop features Kabir Dhaliwal engaging in a fierce confrontation with warrior monks, masters of martial arts. The high-octane scene required Roshan to not only undergo extensive martial arts training but also gain proficiency in wielding a katana, the revered Japanese sword. Audiences can anticipate a visually stunning spectacle, where Dhaliwal’s prowess in hand-to-hand combat and swordsmanship will be showcased.

This impressive martial arts sequence wouldn’t be complete without the choreographic expertise of Se-yeong Oh, who previously lent his talents to the action-packed ‘Pathaan’ (2023). The art of filmmaking rises to the challenge of authenticity, as Oh’s vision imparts the influence of Eastern martial traditions into the dynamic world of ‘War 2.’

In addition to the meticulously curated Japanese sequences, ‘War 2’ has roped in a total of 12 action directors to push the envelope. The team behind the franchise eagerly sought to inject fresh elements into the narrative, tapping into location and culture avenues hitherto unexplored. This strategic blend of cross-cultural influences is set to expand the universe of ‘War’ with unprecedented verve and action.

Roshan began his work on this ambitious project this month, following director Mukerji’s initial filming in Spain last October. While the main protagonist is already grappling with warrior monks, co-stars Jr NTR, playing the antagonist, and Kiara Advani, the leading lady, are soon expected to join ranks. Speculation is rife that a spectacular cinematic showdown—a deadly face-off between Jr NTR’s character and Dhaliwal—will unite the two superstars in a pulse-pounding sequence scheduled for a nine-day shoot across various Indian and international landscapes.

As the wheels of production accelerate, Hrithik Roshan has cleared his calendar for the upcoming three months, dedicating his focus to ‘War 2.’ Both producer Aditya Chopra and director Ayan Mukerji have their sights set on a year-end completion, the team’s drive fuelled by the goal of wrapping the film with the same degree of precision and thrill that fans have come to expect.

While ‘War 2’ promises audiences a rollercoaster of globe-spanning espionage and adrenaline-fueled encounters, the commitment to craft and cultural representation stands out as particularly noteworthy. The confluence of Indian cinematic ingenuity and the rich heritage of Japanese martial tradition is poised to ignite the silver screen, ensuring that ‘War 2’ continues the legacy of its predecessor in spectacular fashion. Audiences will soon witness how Hrithik Roshan and the creative forces behind ‘War 2’ bring a small piece of Japan to life, right at the heart of Mumbai’s film city.

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