Gulshan Devaiah, a prominent actor in the Indian film industry, is set to share screen space with esteemed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap in the highly anticipated Indian remake of the German television series “Bad Cop: Kriminell Gut.” Their collaboration on this project is not something new; in fact, their professional relationship spans over 14 years, originating with Devaiah’s first acting gig in Kashyap’s “That Girl in Yellow Boots” back in 2010.

In this new action-packed series, Devaiah is cast in the role of a law enforcement officer, while Kashyap steps in front of the camera to embark on a rare acting stint. The series promises to showcase their dynamic chemistry and the deep mutual respect that has been cultivated over numerous collaborations.

Devaiah, in a recent interview, spoke warmly about his time working with Kashyap, expressing his gratitude for the opportunities the filmmaker has provided him. “Sharing screen space with Anurag is more than just a project; it’s a celebration of our longstanding connection,” the actor stated. He explained how he has not only grown as an artist under Kashyap’s mentorship but also become more assertive and open in his creative exchanges with the director.

The upcoming series, directed by Aditya Datt, is a testament to the evolution of their professional rapport. Devaiah attributed much of his success to Kashyap’s influence and guidance. He reminisced about one of the pivotal moments in his career when he was uncertain about accepting a part in the well-regarded film “Ram-Leela” (2013). It was Kashyap’s assurance that persuaded him to take on the role, a decision that turned out to be immensely beneficial for his career trajectory.

As an actor who has witnessed firsthand the dramatic shifts in the film industry, Devaiah pointed out Kashyap’s comprehensive understanding of these changes, particularly since Kashyap’s career inception in the 1990s. According to Devaiah, this deep knowledge has allowed Kashyap to provide valuable insights without ever forcing opinions on his career choices.

Their partnership in the creative process has seen a significant shift over the years. “Initially, I was hesitant to voice my own opinions, but now I find myself in a more confident position to even challenge his ideas,” Devaiah remarked, highlighting his newfound sense of agency and collaborative spirit that has taken form over time.

The anticipation for the “Bad Cop” remake is high among fans of both Devaiah and Kashyap, as audiences are eager to witness how their behind-the-scenes camaraderie translates on screen. The project is not only a convergence of acting and direction but a celebration of the evolution of artistic collaboration that has stood the test of time.

Both Devaiah and Kashyap have carved their niche in the Indian film industry through their unique choices and commitment to pushing the envelope. The “Bad Cop” adaptation marks another milestone in their careers, where they come together to recreate the success of the original series while adding their distinctive touch.

As film enthusiasts await the arrival of this series, it’s clear that Devaiah’s esteem for Kashyap does not simply stem from their history of work together but also from a deep appreciation for the filmmaker’s role in his professional development. This series is poised to be more than just a crime drama; it’s a celebration of an enduring collaboration and the spirit of mentorship in the transformative world of cinema.

By IPL Agent

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