Article 370 Box Office Day 3: Yami Gautam film sees a jump collects Rs 23 cr

The cinematic landscape this weekend has been dominated by the remarkable success story of “Article 370,” a cinematic speculum into India’s contemporary socio-political vista helmed by the talented Yami Gautam. Audiences across the nation appear to have embraced this dramatization of historical events with open arms, propelling its box office figures to new heights on its third day post-premiere, amassing a laudable Rs 23 crore in receipts.

Intertwined within the fabric of the nation’s ongoing discourse, ‘Article 370’ descended upon theatres with soaring expectations and has managed to eclipse them, marking a commanding presence at the box office and proving that it is more than just a flash in the pan. Opening to a robust Rs 5.9 crore, the movie’s journey on the financial ledger has been an upward trajectory, clinching Rs 7.4 crore on its second day and securing its mighty leap thereafter.

Directed by the astute Aditya Suhas Jambhale, ‘Article 370’ delves into the contentious yet pivotal chapter of India’s annals with the eponymous legal provision’s abrogation in 2019, which up until that point granted significant autonomy to the erstwhile state of Jammu & Kashmir. It is through this political labyrinth that Gautam, personifying a resolute National Investigation Agency intelligence officer, navigates her duties towards ensuring harmony within the valley’s precincts. This role has been met with laudation, serving as the latest testament to Gautam’s versatility and commitment to her craft.

The movie’s ascendancy represents more than just profitable margins — it reflects the power of cinema to rally conversation and contemplation amongst its audience. Early box office reports have been indicative of a potent success, as ‘Article 370’ collected approximately Rs 9.50 to 10 crore on the Sunday following its release, indicating a staggering 25% increase in ticket sales from the previous day. The data, as compiled by, also highlights the film’s ability to resonate with the audience through compelling storytelling and well-crafted performances.

While box office success is not always reflective of a film’s intrinsic worth, ‘Article 370’ has garnered a litany of positive critical appraisals and has become a subject of fervent discussion across various social media channels. The film’s content, despite being entrenched in polemical subject matter, appears to have struck a chord with the Indian populace, stimulating a dialogue that transcends cinematic boundaries.

The political-action-drama finds itself being compared to the previous year’s release ‘The Kashmir Files,’ which similarly navigated sensitive political terrain. That ‘Article 370’ is outperforming ‘The Kashmir Files’ in terms of box office numbers is a testament to the former’s gripping narrative and the audience’s receptivity to political cinema that dares to delve into intricate and often contentious historical events.

As the workweek commences, the industry remains abuzz with anticipation regarding ‘Article 370’s staying power at the box office. With its current momentum showing no signs of waning, there is an eager wait to perceive if this upward trend will maintain its trajectory or witness the commonplace decline post the weekend high.

In an era where art imitates life and vice-versa, ‘Article 370’ illuminates the intricate dance between intelligence services and political maneuvering. It is through the lens of Yami Gautam’s portrayal and Aditya Suhas Jambhale’s direction that the audience is invited to retrospectively explore one of India’s most momentous recent occurrences. As Gautam remarked on the film’s gravity and intent, it is an “in-depth portrayal of how intelligence and politics work hand in hand to take some of the most important decisions that change the course for a nation.”

Indeed, ‘Article 370’ has proven that a film, when anchored in reality and crafted with sincerity, can engage, enlighten, and entertain, whilst contributing significantly to the ongoing national discourse.

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