Ali Fazal drops a throwback pic with Robert De Niro recalls their first meeting

Bollywood actor Ali Fazal, known for his acclaimed performances in various films and web series, recently invoked a wave of nostalgia as he shared a throwback photo with none other than American screen icon Robert De Niro. Fazal, who has been carving a notable niche for himself beyond the Indian film industry, took to Instagram to delight his followers with a glimpse into a milestone moment from his acting career.

The photograph, dated February 26, captures a visibly ecstatic Fazal during his first encounter with De Niro. The commendable picture displays the ‘Fukrey’ actor in the midst of a fanboy moment, obtaining De Niro’s autograph – a memory most movie buffs would treasure. Fazal’s caption reveals a lesser-known side of the actor, confessing his usual reticence in approaching celebrities he admires for autographs or pictures. It was his colleague and friend, Dia Mirza, who orchestrated and encouraged this rare meet, fostering a dream-come-true experience for Fazal.

Expressing his gratitude in the caption, Fazal wrote, “ #Throwback to the 1st time i met him. God, I remember how you @diamirzaofficial took me there.. I can’t thank you enough. I was too shy to ever step into a room to take autographs and photos with people I admire. I still am socially very awkward when I have to play myself. Lol. But to Greatness and its infection.”

Reflecting on his extensive body of work, it’s clear that Ali Fazal’s journey has been marked by his versatility and perseverance. The actor recently made headlines as he got on board the historical drama ‘Lahore 1947,’ which stars Bollywood veteran Sunny Deol and is helmed by noted director Rajkumar Santoshi. The film, which promises to revisit the poignant epoch of India’s partition, shot into the limelight last week after the casting of actor Abhimanyu Singh in the role of the antagonist.

Apart from Deol, ‘Lahore 1947’ boasts an impressive ensemble, including Preity Zinta and Shabana Azmi, reuniting Zinta and Deol on the silver screen after their stints in hits such as ‘The Hero: Love Story of a Spy,’ ‘Farz,’ and ‘Bhaiaji Superhit.’ The production also signifies another successful venture under the Aamir Khan Productions banner, marking its 17th film.

Beyond the history-induced project, Fazal is concurrently involved with ‘Girls will be Girls.’ This coming-of-age film is directed by Shuchi Talati and narrates the inner world of Mira, a 16-year-old girl at a boarding school set against the serene backdrop of a small town in the Himalayas. It explores the intimate relationship between her adolescent rebellion and the echoes of her mother’s past.

Ali Fazal’s credible international presence has been cemented with roles in films such as ‘Furious 7’ and the title character in ‘Victoria & Abdul,’ where he starred opposite Dame Judi Dench. His versatility does not end with his on-screen prowess; Fazal also extends his talents into the world of production, ensuring a creative footprint that speaks volumes of his dedication to the craft.

The image shared with De Niro is not just a frozen moment in time but a symbolic handshake between Bollywood and Hollywood. It also reaffirms Ali Fazal’s global aspirations and underscores how artists from diverse backgrounds continue to inspire each other, transcending geographical and cultural barriers. As Fazal continues his ascent in both Indian and international cinema, his followers eagerly anticipate the stories he will tell, both in front of the camera and behind the scenes.

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