Alia Bhatt Foretells Stardom Just Before Gully Boy Hits the Spotlight

In an interview that peeled back the layers of anticipation and excitement surrounding the release of ‘Gully Boy,’ actor Siddhant Chaturvedi recounted the pivotal moments before the film’s premiere that hinted at the turning tides of his career. On that fateful night at the Berlin International Film Festival in February 2019, the air buzzed with electricity as Siddhant received a voice message from co-star Ranveer Singh, who played the lead in Zoya Akhtar’s directorial masterpiece, ‘Gully Boy.’ Ranveer’s exuberant words through the phone, “You killed it! Standing ovation. You have no idea your life is going to change!” were not just compliments; they were prophetic, as Siddhant was on the precipice of becoming a household name with his debut portrayal of a Mumbai street rapper.

Singh’s long and heartfelt voice message continued well into the early hours, extolling the virtues of Siddhant’s performance: “What have you done, this is iconic, what a character.” Hearing this, Siddhant knew that the film was touched by some kind of magic. However, Ranveer wasn’t the only one forecasting a breakthrough. Alia Bhatt, another star of the film, delivered a cinematic moment of her own just before the doors of an elevator closed on them. With the poise of a prophetess, she turned to Siddhant and, with her ten words — “You know your life is going to change, right?” — set the stage for his newfound fame.

Further solidifying this narrative, a surge of journalists and adoring fans erupted after the media screening. In the wave of recognition and praise, Siddhant’s father was moved to tears, having watched his son’s performance with unspeakable pride. In fact, his father’s dedication saw him watch ‘Gully Boy’ an astounding twenty-five times, turning movie theaters into places of pilgrimage as he witnessed his son’s burgeoning stardom daily.

Moving beyond the afterglow of ‘Gully Boy,’ Siddhant Chaturvedi continues to captivate audiences with his recent cinematic venture, ‘Kho Gaye Hum Kahan.’ This film delves into the nuanced abyss of urban loneliness as seen through the lives of three young adults navigating the intricate urban landscapes of Mumbai. The poignant way in which the story unfolds has spurred a lot of discussions and showered Siddhant with praise for his role as Imaad. Post-release, particularly after landing on Netflix, the actor finds himself awash in admiration and commendations.

In conversation with Outlook, Chaturvedi opened up about the non-stop responses to his latest on-screen persona. He shared, “My phone has been constantly ringing since the day before the release. The film spanned into the afternoon, and from about 4 PM, my phone hasn’t stopped.” Initially overwhelmed, Siddhant decided to distance himself from his phone to stave off anxiety. But as he began to sift through the messages, the heartwarming reactions reassured and consoled him.

The journey from an almost missed elevator encounter to a reality steeped in acclaim and achievement signifies the magnetic trajectory of Chaturvedi’s career. From the powerful echoes of a standing ovation in Berlin to a phone inundated with congratulatory messages, Siddhant Chaturvedi’s artistic horizon continues to expand, drawing him ever deeper into the limelight and the hearts of cinema lovers worldwide. The ongoing adulation and expectations for future excellence signal a path that has irrevocably strayed away from anonymity towards the magnetism of stardom.

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