Alia Bhatt Applauds Bollywood Icons: Deepika Aishwarya and Priyanka as Trailblazers

In a moving ode to female empowerment and the dynamic changes in the film industry, Bollywood starlet Alia Bhatt has openly expressed her admiration for fellow actresses Deepika Padukone, Aishwarya Rai, and Priyanka Chopra. Bhatt, one of India’s current cinema darlings, credits these stalwarts for their pioneering roles in shaping the path for the next generation of actresses working in the Indian film industry.

Alia Bhatt’s glowing appreciation came to light during the Forbes 30 Under 50 gathering, where she emphasized the significant role her contemporaries have played not only in her career but in the international realm of cinema. She lauded their achievements, citing them as true embodiments of inspirations who have made strides in normalizing the presence of Indian talent on a global front.

“Serving as inspiration, Aishwarya Rai, Priyanka Chopra, and Deepika Padukone are not only my friends but also my deep admiration. They deserve immense credit for their contributions to the industry,” Alia shared at the event. She added that their efforts have successfully ushered in a new era where the spotlight progressively focuses more on the power of storytelling regardless of one’s ethnic or cultural background.

In further comments, Alia underscored the increasing need for inclusivity and diversity in cinema. She envisioned a world where audiences are treated to an array of talents from different corners of the globe, all participating in the universal language of storytelling. “What should take center stage is the narrative of the film, not the accent you speak or the color of your skin,” Alia asserted.

Extending the conversation beyond her professional life, Alia opened up about her personal journey into motherhood. Along with her celebrated actor-husband, Ranbir Kapoor, she welcomed their daughter, Raha, into their lives in November 2022. Alia chooses not to offer parenting advice publicly, as she believes that parenting experiences are unique and deeply personal.

Asserting her fortunate ability to harness help due to her privileged position, Alia disclosed how she and Ranbir are navigating their parenting roles. “My husband and I decided that it’s imperative one of us should always be physically present with Raha,” she explained. The couple has intelligently managed their commitments to ensure that if one is away, the other remains home with their child. Additionally, they are grateful for the loving support of their extended family, who Alia describes as “happy helpers,” ready to step in when professional demands call.

Their decision to reveal Raha’s face last Christmas, breaking away from a common trend among celebrities to shield their children from the media glare, was seen not just as a nod to their fans but as a relaxed approach in handling their status as new parents.

In her closing remarks, Alia reiterated the message of storytelling and its transcendent quality that unites different cultures and transcends barriers. Her vision for a diversified cinematic landscape reflects her progressive stance and her continual effort to push boundaries within her craft.

As a leading figure among India’s youth icons, Alia Bhatt’s words carry significant influence. Her open commendations for Padukone, Rai, and Chopra, alongside her thoughtful insights into parenting, highlight her as an individual who deeply values the paving of new pathways, not just for herself but for those who shall follow in her stead. With her ongoing success, both on the screen and off, Bhatt stands as a testament to the transformative power of art, inclusivity, and the enduring strength of family ties.

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