A 360-degree circular revolving stage at Ed Sheeran’s + – = ÷ x Tour in Mumbai

As the days come ‘2step’ closer, the anticipation skyrockets for the arrival of Ed Sheeran’s + – = ÷ x Tour in India. The event, scheduled for March 16th, is set to be held in the heart of Mumbai at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse and is not only poised as a striking performance but as a hallmark occasion in India’s concert narrative. This concert will mark Ed Sheeran’s third visit to the bustling city where the excitement amongst fans is already tangible, buzzing through the air like the city’s famous electric spirit.

Owen Roncon, the dynamic chief of business at Live Entertainment for BookMyShow, has heralded the upcoming Mumbai show as an event unlike any seen before in the Indian entertainment industry. According to Roncon, what’s on offer is not just a concert but a “cutting-edge production” designed to echo the grandiosity of Sheeran’s global tour while also striving to redefine concert experiences within India. Intended to offer an immersive journey for the senses, the concert is set to place attendees at the very heart of the sonic adventure.

One revolutionary aspect of Sheeran’s concert is the 360-degree circular, revolving stage—an engineering marvel that ensures a unique experience no matter where you stand. The angular dance of sound and immersive visual displays promise an intimacy with the performance that is typically unattainable in traditional setups. At the center of this whirlwind of spectacle sits a colossal halo screen, adding depth and awe to the experience. Owen highlights, the stage’s design guarantees every audience member enjoys unparalleled views and enables Ed Sheeran to maintain a dynamic interaction with the audience from every vantage point.

Four massive towers rise up like modern-day monoliths, dedicated to the band members who will be accompanying Ed: Ashton Miranda will command the keys as music director, with Curtis Cumberbatch and Mitch Park on guitars, Jon Cox strumming the bass, and Dexter Hercules providing the heartbeat on drums. To ensure that everyone has a front-row experience, two-way LED screens are installed throughout, live-streaming the performances to every corner of the venue.

Owen speaks with great fervor about the burgeoning revolution within India’s live entertainment industry, one that’s marked by a symphonic blend of innovative production and the evolution of live experiences. He highlights BookMyShow’s efforts to lay the groundwork for live entertainment that meets international standards. He credits events like Lollapalooza India 2024 and the introduction of the iconic VerTech stage from Star Live as pivotal in amplifying India on the global live entertainment stage while pushing boundaries in technical expertise, production value, and sustainability.

Setting the mood for Ed Sheeran’s performance are prelude acts by melodious singer-songwriter Prateek Kuhad and pop sensation Calum Scott. Kuhad is known for his emotionally charged songs like ‘cold/mess’ and ‘Tum Jab Paas’, while Scott is set to entertain with chart-topping hits like ‘You Are The Reason’ and ‘Where Are You Now’.

The announcement of Sheeran’s tour has generated a fever-pitch excitement among fans, prompting BookMyShow to release additional seats owing to the phenomenal response. Notably, 40% of the concertgoers will be traveling from cities across India, underlining Mumbai’s magnetism as the entertainment capital and the widespread appeal of the international music icon.

The Ed Sheeran: + – = ÷ x Tour is slated to be a milestone event on the cultural calendar of Mumbai, unfolding at the Mahalaxmi Racecourse at 3 pm onwards. Tickets, starting at ₹9,500, have been briskly selling on in.bookmyshow.com, as fans rush to secure their place in what’s shaping up to be a full-circle musical extravaganza.

So, if you’re pining for a glimpse into the most grandiose events and festivals India has to offer, the Ed Sheeran concert is poised to fulfill that vividly. It’s a clarion call to travelers and music lovers alike: keep an eye on this space, and experience more than just a performance—an unforgettable cultural phenomenon.

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