Dive into the world of global cinema as BookMyShow unveils Red Lorry Film Festival

The tapestry of global cinema is enriching the cultural landscape of India as BookMyShow, the nation’s favorite and leading destination for entertainment, has proudly announced the inauguration of the Red Lorry Film Festival. This eagerly anticipated event, curated with meticulous care, brings a wealth of international film delights under one roof. It is a testament to their long-standing passion and commitment to providing movie aficionados with a truly immersive cinematic experience.

Scheduled to grace Mumbai, India’s entertainment hub, between April 5th and 7th, 2024, the Red Lorry Film Festival is poised to transform the prestigious venues of Maison INOX at Jio World Plaza and Maison PVR at Jio World Drive, Bandra Kurla Complex, into a haven for film-lovers. A staggering assembly of nearly 75 renowned titles awaits attendees, promising to be the enchanting portals through which the audience can voyage to distant lands and cultures via the silver screen.

The assortment of films and television series chosen for the festival’s lineup will reach into the soul of cinema, delivering riveting narratives from a multitude of languages including Scandinavian tongues of Danish, Norwegian, and Swedish, as well as French, Spanish, German, Turkish, Russian, and others. With this, the Red Lorry Film Festival ensures a grand stage that showcases the dazzling diversity and profound depth of storytelling from around the world.

BookMyShow’s decision to affiliate itself with such a grand event stems from its rich heritage of enhancing entertainment experiences in India over two decades. The Red Lorry Film Festival represents the natural progression of their services, shaping a sumptuous three-day international film celebration designed to captivate the discerning cinephile.

The festival boasts an impressive roster of collaborations with premier global studios and cinematic powerhouses, including, but not limited to, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Warner Bros., Disney, and Lionsgate. These alliances underpin the festival’s commitment to bringing marquee cinematic gems to India’s shores.

Ashish Saksena, COO – Cinemas at BookMyShow, commented on this milestone, emphasizing that cinemagoers are deeply attuned to the celebration of culture through film, a sentiment ingrained in the Indian psyche. He noted the influential growth and evolution of cinema over the past twenty-five years and reiterated BookMyShow’s readiness to herald in an era of storytelling excellence with the Red Lorry Film Festival.

April’s silver screen magic is magnified by the vast array of genres presented at the festival—action thrillers, psychological thrillers, horror, crime mystery, courtroom drama, war tragedy, comedy, romance, and more, including avant-garde and experimental cinema. Audiences can expect to encounter such notables as the Cannes-winning French courtroom drama ‘The Goldman’s Case’ and a selection of Scandinavian Noir, including ‘Oxen,’ a Danish television masterpiece, and ‘Good Boy,’ an edge-of-the-seat Norwegian thriller.

Other significant titles include ‘The Beasts,’ an acclaimed Spanish thriller, ‘The Last Night of Amore,’ an intense Italian film experience, and ‘Shoshana,’ by the revered Michael Winterbottom. The festival also spotlights ‘Hesitation Wound,’ a Turkish legal drama, ‘Stella. A Life.,’ a poignant German narrative, and ‘Blue Whale,’ a chilling Russian horror inspired by real-life events.

Providing additional allure, tickets for this grandiose film festival are exclusively available via BookMyShow, with festival passes priced reasonably and offering three full days of cinematic splendor.

In a recent survey titled ‘The CineFiles,’ BookMyShow found a hefty 90% of respondents preferred movies as their ideal out-of-home entertainment experience, underlining the enduring relevance of the theater-going tradition in India. More so, with over half of the respondents seeking cinematic escapades at least biweekly, it shines a spotlight on the allure of the film-going experience among the nation’s population.

BookMyShow’s Red Lorry Film Festival delivers not just films but an invitation to embark on a spectacular cultural odyssey that reflects the times and tastes of a nation ever-enamored with the magic of the movies.

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