Day: March 28, 2024

Raveena Tandon Clears the Air on Past Breakup and Media Frenzy

Veteran actress Raveena Tandon, a prominent figure of Bollywood in the 90s, recently opened up about her former relationship with Akshay Kumar and the media circus that followed their split. The couple, once an iconic pairing in the industry, headlined

Edward Bond: A Playwright’s Legacy of Provocation and Influence

Renowned for his provocative and challenging plays, Edward Bond, an impactful British playwright, theatre director, poet, and dramatic theorist, passed away on March 3, at the age of 89, leaving behind a rich legacy of theatrical innovation and radical thought.

Tracing the Path of Malayali Expatriates Through Malayalam Cinema

Aadujeevitham, director Blessy’s magnum opus, which released on Thursday, is the latest in a string of films that explores the lives of Keralites living in different parts of the globe. Starring Prithviraj Sukumaran in the lead as Najeeb, Aadujeevitham is

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