In an industry where trends are ever-changing and modernity often eclipses tradition, Bollywood actress Kriti Kharbanda has made a standout fashion statement at her own pre-wedding celebration—the chooda ceremony. Known for her roles in hits like ‘Veerey Ki Wedding’, ‘Taish’, and ‘Pagalpanti’, Kharbanda got married to her co-star and long-time beau Pulkit Samrat in an intimate ceremony on March 15. The grand occasion took place at the luxe ITC Grand Bharat, Manesar, just outside of Delhi, painting the perfect backdrop to this fairy tale alliance.

Kriti Kharbanda took to her Instagram, sharing a visual treat of pictures from her traditional chooda ceremony—a ritual involving the wearing of red bangles signifying the new phase of marital bliss. In stark contrast to many of her peers who might have opted for modern palettes, Kriti went for the classic red chooda set, holding her ground firmly despite several attempts made by acquaintances to persuade her to choose otherwise.

For the special day, Kriti was the epitome of grace in a refreshing lime green saree paired with a chic off-shoulder blouse. The ensemble was tastefully adorned with her mother’s wedding dupatta, adding layers of sentimental value to her attire. The splendor was further amplified as she wore her grandmother’s heirloom necklace set, rendering a vintage charm to her modern silhouette.

The actress’s post on Instagram encapsulated the warmth of the ceremony and her firm resolve to blend tradition with her own sartorial preference. Through her choices, Kriti Kharbanda paid homage to her roots while imprinting her individuality—an act that stands out in an age where wedding fashion bends heavily towards contemporary renditions.

But it wasn’t just her outfit that showcased her love for tradition; her kaleeras—that ornamental part of a Punjabi bride’s bangles—were nothing short of symbolic. Crafted by designer Mrinalini Chandra, these kaleeras were customized with a message that read “You will marry me”, evoking the personal journey of love shared between Kriti and Pulkit. The chooda ceremony also included the playful ritual where the bride shakes the kaleeras over the heads of unmarried women. Tradition has it that if a part of the kaleera falls on someone, they are to be the next to marry.

The photos she shared narrated more than just the sartorial choices; they depicted intense emotions, the joy of family bonding, and the cultural richness of Indian weddings. On her Instagram caption, Kharbanda wrote of her heartfelt desire to be adorned with her grandmother’s jewelry and her mother’s wedding dupatta, long before she even had a boyfriend or an engagement ring. It was a childhood dream that came to life, a dream that she lived with every beat of her heart, especially since on the morning of the chooda ceremony, custom dictated that she and Pulkit could not see each other before the actual wedding rituals.

Despite the personal nature of these choices, Kriti fondly shared a throwback emotion post-ceremony, reminiscing how Pulkit had admired her in the traditional attire through the pictures. It was evident that although she walked down a path paved with contemporary alterations, some aspects like the red chooda and traditional kaleeras remained non-negotiable—a testament to her strong will and connection to her heritage.

Kriti Kharbanda and Pulkit Samrat’s wedding festivities were an affair to remember, with several industry colleagues, including Ali Fazal, Richa Chadha, Varun Sharma, and Manjot Singh, joining to celebrate the union of the two stars. The festivities loudly proclaimed that in the heart of evolving trends, and amongst those who dare to dream, tradition can still find a place of honor with a touch of personal flair. Kriti Kharbanda’s chooda ceremony was not just an event; it was a poignant instance where timeless tradition met individualistic desires, resulting in a wedding celebration that was as unique as the couple themselves.

By IPL Agent

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