Day: March 2, 2024

biffes 2024 Artificial Intelligence in cinema: Boon or bane?

The allure of cinema encompasses not only the art of storytelling but also the continual evolution of the tools that bring those stories to life. The 15th Bengaluru International Film Festival (BIFFes) served as a platform to discuss the burgeoning

Kriti Sanon Looks Stunning In New ‘Crew’ Teaser – WATCH

The Indian film industry is abuzz with anticipation as the latest teaser of the much-talked-about movie ‘Crew’ has taken the YouTube charts by storm. Within a mere 24 hours of its release, the preview has climbed to the top, leaving

On a Kabir yatra with singer-author Vipul Rikhi

Centuries after Kabir shared his humane philosophy, the mystic poet remains as popular as ever, with many musicians undertaking Kabir yatras. One of them is writer and singer Vipul Rikhi, who passionately shares the soul-stirring works of Kabir with people.

Cast of ‘The Last of Us’ season two revealed

As the dust settles from the gripping finale of HBO’s acclaimed adaptation ‘The Last of Us,’ anticipation begins anew with the announcement of fresh talent joining the series for its sophomore season. Danny Ramirez, Ariela Barer, Tati Gabrielle, and Spencer

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