Zeenat Aman makes her 100th post on Instagram: A year ago I was completely clueless about social media

In a splendid display of digital age adaptability, veteran Bollywood actress Zeenat Aman has shown that her charm and wit transcend the boundaries of time. On the auspicious date of February 6, the iconic star made a grand mark in the virtual cosmos with her 100th post on Instagram, celebrating a milestone that highlights her swift embrace of the online world.

Zeenat Aman, known for her roles that pushed the envelope in the Indian film industry, took to Instagram in her 100th post with a glamour-evoking snapshot of herself dressed as the legendary Queen Cleopatra. This fashion forward moment was not just a tribute to her regal aura but also a testament to her ability to ingeniously fuse past and present, as she captioned it with a playful wordplay, “When you know you’re a queen but they’re still in de-Nile.”

Reflecting on her journey on social media and its whirlwind progression, Zeenat Aman shared with her followers, “It’s quite surreal to think that just a year ago I was completely clueless about social media, and yet here I am today, uploading my 100th post to Instagram!” The realization of her digital influence is not only fascinating but also inspiring to her league of fans, both old and new.

With a heartwarming invitation to her audience, the actress urged her supporters to join her in celebrating the milestone with humor and creativity. “Now you know I love a good laugh. So please celebrate this milestone with me in Meme-at Aman style. Leave your best puns and one-liners in the comments or share them in your stories for me to repost,” she enticed, fostering a unique bond between herself and her virtual admirers.

Her request did not go unheard, as legions of followers flooded the comment section with adulation and witty retorts. Audiences were more than eager to play along with her request for quips, reflecting the collective affection that the ageless beauty engenders. One commenter humorously quipped, “Roop ki Rani, Cairo’n ka Raja?”, successfully bridging puns, Bollywood and history.

Another admirer took a playful dig at cosmetic branding by commenting, “POV Maybelline launches their eye-liner in Egypt.” The comment stream showcased a deep reverence for Zeenat Aman’s presence, both on screen and online, with one user stating, “So entertaining to read your intelligent posts on Instagram. Love the way you reflect on the memories – honestly and with compassion.”

Adding to the banter, a fan contributed, “A historically accurate depiction of Queen Zee-opatra holding the great Pharaoh Tutankh-Aman’s ornaments by the hand,” further celebrating the actress’s timeless allure and her clever nod to her name in the context of ancient Egypt.

But the excitement does not end with Instagram. For Zeenat Aman admirers looking forward to her silver screen magic, there is heartening news. The acclaimed actress is all set to mesmerize audiences in Faraz Arif Ansari’s upcoming film, Bun Tikki. Marking her return to cinema after a brief hiatus following her cameo in Panipat (2019), Bun Tikki presents a narrative centered on a father-son duo, delving deep into themes of gender identity.

Joined by an esteemed cast that includes Shabana Azmi and Abhay Deol, Zeenat Aman’s role is described as pivotal to the film’s emotional core. A source close to the production shared, “Though Bun Tikki revolves around Abhay and his on-screen son, Shabana and Zeenat form the film’s backbone. Casting for the child is underway. When Faraz approached Zeenat, she loved the script.”

Zeenat’s decision to partake in this project aligns with her career ethos; she chose to return to acting for a story she believes in. “She always knew that if she made a comeback, it would be with a story that aligned with her ideas and beliefs. Bun Tikki was just that. She told Faraz that she had to be a part of this film as it explores many causes that she feels strongly about,” revealed the source.

Moreover, the film also denotes the initiation of Manish Malhotra, a stalwart in the fashion industry, into the realm of film production with his banner Stage 5. Although the couturier is synonymous with glamour, Malhotra has chosen a tale far removed from his trademark glitz, instead opting to explore and support narratives less traveled.

Zeenat Aman’s foray into the influencer era has thus come full circle, from embracing social media to using her influence for causes close to her heart. As she epitomizes the saying that age is just a number, it is evident that her digital domain influence mirrors her cinematic narrative—irrepressibly vibrant and eternally elegant.

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