Zanai Bhosle Set to Shine in Grandfather’s Royal Legacy Film

In an announcement that’s set new waves of anticipation across the film industry, filmmaker Sandeep Singh has disclosed his latest casting coup—launching none other than the legendary Asha Bhosle’s granddaughter, Zanai Bhosle, in his forthcoming directorial venture, ‘The Pride of Bharat—Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’. Stepping into the period drama with the grace of hereditary royalty, Zanai is set to portray Rani Sai Bhosale, the wife of the iconic Maratha warrior-king, Shivaji.

This decision marks a profound moment for both the family and the film, as Zanai is a direct descendant of the Maratha royal bloodline. Singh shared his casting philosophy saying, “Everybody looks for a star, but I wanted somebody who would become a star.” Sai Bai, historically renowned as the mother of Sambhaji Bhosale and Shivaji Raje Bhosale, had a short but impactful life, passing away at the tender age of 25, a poignant detail that adds depth to the young actress’ imminent challenge.

It was during a heartfelt tribute event ‘Asha at 90’, celebrating the septuagenarian songstress’s career, that Singh witnessed Zanai’s artistic potential firsthand. Enthralled by her heart-warming performance, Singh seized the moment to publicly announce his intentions, inviting Zanai and Asha Bhosle onstage to disclose his proposition to cast Zanai in his biopic. This onstage interaction was a raw and tender moment—filled with overwhelming emotions that saw Zanai breaking down in tears and the senior Bhosle herself embracing Singh in a tearful acknowledgment.

Tracing back to 2006, Singh recounts his bond with the veteran singer, linked by a shared passion for music and the epicurean joys of homecooked feasts. Reflecting on their camaraderie, Singh remarks, “She makes a mean mutton curry, and always puts extra ghee in my rice.” Asha Bhosle’s investment in her granddaughter’s debut, coupled with her absolute trust in Singh, was evident during their recent, in-depth movie discussions. When Singh expressed his wish to cast Ranveer Singh as the valiant Shivaji Maharaj, Asha Bhosle’s responded with spirited enthusiasm. She even half-jokingly volunteered, exhibiting her timeless zeal for acting, to take on the role of Shivaji’s mother, Jijabai, should the need arise.

Preparations for ‘The Pride of Bharat—Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj’ are already taking shape with a meticulous, structured schedule designed to best equip Zanai for the role. Training is on the horizon to refine her performance, particularly focusing on diction and script sessions to ensure she encapsulates the essence of her forebear’s wife with both accuracy and grace. Singh is determined to create an opus that does justice to the legendary figure and aims to unveil this magnum opus on a fitting date—Shivaji Jayanti, revered on February 19, earmarking the 2026 release as both a cultural and cinematic event of grand proportion.

The sheer historical significance of pairing a scion of the Bhosle bloodline with the cinematic portrayal of her ancestral past is a decision of evocative symbolism. ‘The Pride of Bharat’ is not just an ambitious project chronicling the life of one of India’s most revered kings—Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj—it is a testament to the endurance and the perpetuated esteemed heritage symbolized through the Bhosle family, promising to immortalize their legacy both on and off the screen.

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