Yami Gautam says ‘naysayers proved wrong’ as Article 370 collects over Rs 30 crore in first weekend

The silver screen recently witnessed the release of a film that has sparked not just conversations, but also a significant box office success. The thought-provoking drama, “Article 370,” starring Yami Gautam, has surpassed expectations, raking in a staggering Rs 34.71 crore over its opening weekend, a figure that outshines recent releases.

Debuting on February 23, the film’s success is noteworthy, especially given the competitive pricing of Rs 99 per ticket on opening day as part of PVR’s Cinema Lovers Day. Nevertheless, “Article 370” embarked on a strong start with an impressive Rs 6 crore on the first day, setting the pace for an even more robust weekend performance.

The narrative of “Article 370” delves into the backdrop of the Indian government’s decision to revoke the special status under Article 370 granted to the erstwhile state of Jammu and Kashmir. It provides a cinematic interpretation of the events that led to this historic and politically charged landmark event, bifurcating the region into two union territories: Jammu and Kashmir, and Ladakh.

The film’s robust box office numbers are a significant victory for the cast and crew, especially for lead actress Yami Gautam. She has been outspoken about the skepticism the film faced during its production stage. Critics suggested that its focus on intricate political dynamics and use of specialized jargon might deter a wider audience. However, the response from viewers has eloquently proven these assumptions to be misplaced.

Gautam expressed her gratitude and vindication on X, a social media platform previously known as Twitter. “When we were making ‘Article 370’, so many people told us that this film won’t work with the audience … . But we went ahead with our gut because we knew those naysayers were underestimating our audience,” the actress tweeted. Her message highlighted the audience’s ability to engage with content that is both politically relevant and intellectually stimulating.

“Thank you all for proving them absolutely wrong,” Gautam added, acknowledging the public’s positive reception. Her heartfelt thanks to moviegoers underscores the success of “Article 370” not only as a commercial enterprise but also as a storytelling success that has resonated with audiences.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently lauded the film during a public address in Jammu, emphasizing that it serves as an informational tool for the masses. In response, Gautam, whose performance as an intelligence officer has been praised, conveyed her excitement and honor on Instagram: “It is an absolute honour to watch PM @narendramodi Ji talk about #Article370Movie. My team and I really hope that we all exceed your expectations in bringing this incredible story to the screen!”

The film is the brainchild of director Aditya Suhas Jambhale and producer Aditya Dhar, who together crafted this cinematic narrative with the ambition to chronicle a significant moment in India’s political history. The star-studded cast also features notable talents such as Priyamani, Arun Govil, and Kiran Karmarkar, who have collectively brought this complex tale to life.

The success of “Article 370” is not just measured in monetary returns, but also in the power of cinema to reflect, inform, and influence public discourse. The box office victory, against early doubts, is indicative of an audience’s readiness for substantial content, marking a triumph for the film industry and a celebration of fearless storytelling. The film continues its screening across theaters, inviting viewers to partake in a chapter of India’s contemporary history brought to life on the big screen.

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