When Sunny Deol revealed his obsession for teddy bears: I find them very cuddly and cute

As we fall into the season of affection that leads up to Valentine’s Day, it’s customary to indulge in the little traditions that make this time so special. With Rose Day and Chocolate Day marking the calendar, today we shine a light on Teddy Day, a day synonymous with cuddles and comfort. It serves as a fitting occasion to delve into Bollywood heavyweight Sunny Deol’s rather unexpected love for teddy bears.

Renowned for his action-packed roles and macho image on the big screen, Sunny Deol, alongside his brother Bobby Deol, shed light on a softer side during a segment on the recently concluded season of the popular talk show ‘Koffee With Karan,’ hosted by director-producer Karan Johar. It was there that the Dharmendra legacy was discussed, and an endearing aspect of the Deol patriarch emerged.

On the show, anecdotes about personal lives were shared, adding depth to their public personas. Younger Deol, Karan, humorously tagged his father Sunny as a shopaholic, not just for the typical sundries one might expect but for his impressive teddy bear assembly. He narrated a tale where a visitor, puzzled by the assortment of stuffed bears at their home, questioned their ownership. Responding to a series of guesses, Karan finally disclosed, “It’s my dad’s,” leaving the guest rather astonished.

Karan Johar, seizing the moment, jestfully mentioned Sunny’s passion for teddy bears, likening it to a fetish. In reaction, Sunny, caught between chuckles, unabashedly admitted his fondness for these plush toys, noting their cuddliness and appeal. He let slip that teddy bears often accompany him, finding a place in his pocket or car, and confessed to an irresistible urge to purchase teddies whenever one crosses his path.

Sunny Deol’s affinity for the toy defies the typical stereotype attributed to his on-screen persona, one where might and tenacity prevail. The revelation perhaps speaks volubly about the contrasts that inhabit us all, lending a relatable touch to the star admired for his rugged roles.

Further anchoring his affection for the teddy bears was a moment shared on Instagram during the Christmas period, where Sunny recreated a dance step his brother famously executed on screen, albeit Sunny substituted the original prop for a teddy bear.

As we peer through the lens of this newfound soft spot, we also look toward the horizon of Sunny’s cinematic journey. His most recent performance graced the screens with ‘Gadar 2,’ a sequel that rejuvenated sentiments of nostalgia and raked in success at the box office. The path continues to lay itself out as he prepares to embody a role in ‘Lahore 1947,’ a venture undertaken by director Rajkumar Santoshi and produced by the luminary Aamir Khan.

In breaking down the walls that keep celebrities at a certain pedestal, it becomes increasingly evident that icons like Sunny Deol also seek out simple, unpretentious joys. The admission of such an incongruous hobby juxtaposes the man known for his on-screen heroics against a surprisingly human backdrop, making us all reassess our perceptions and, perhaps, our biases about individual proclivities.

Perhaps on this Teddy Day, as we devote time to the exchange of teddies and tokens of affection, it’s worth reflecting on the peculiarities that make every individual’s heart endearing. Sunny Deol’s saga of teddy bear adoration reminds us that there’s no one-size-fits-all when it comes to matters of the heart, or indeed, the matters of comfort and joy.

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