In the heart of Delhi’s esteemed Prithviraj Road, lies a breathtaking mansion spanning 3170 square yards that is the epitome of luxury and sophistication. This magnificent property, valued at a jaw-dropping ₹173 crore, belongs to Sonam Kapoor, one of Bollywood’s most cherished actresses, and her family. The opulent home, which she shares with her entrepreneur husband Anand Ahuja and their extended kin, has recently been thrown into the limelight, offering fans a sneak peek into their extravagant domestic splendor.

The grandeur of this sumptuous residence was most recently showcased during a special luncheon hosted by Sonam Kapoor, inspired by the rich tapestry of Indian culture. A glimpse into this exclusive event was provided by an Instagram post from a florist based in Delhi who played a part in this elegant affair. The video tour reveals the meticulously detailed decor within the Kapoor estate, resonating with the affluence and style synonymous with the actress herself.

Upon entering the splendid home, one’s eyes are immediately drawn to a grand console table in the entryway, which is adorned with a resplendent Nandi statue – a revered symbol of Hindu mythology linked to Lord Shiva. The dining area, a space designed to host and impress, boasts a robust wooden table exuberantly decorated with verdant foliage, silver elephant embellishments, and candle arrangements that create an atmosphere of a regal banquet. The dining setting is crowned with a chandelier of crystal, a radiant beacon of the Kapoor home’s royal décor. Overhead another grand chandelier, this one suspended directly above the table covered in a tapestry of white and red floral motifs, candles, and silverware that exude opulence, demands attention and admiration. These striking centrepieces serve as testament to the Kapoor family’s refined taste.

The rest of the house is a testament to lavishness with its overabundance of blooming flowers and impressive statues and artifacts that present a visual feast for all who step inside. Each element is a brushstroke in the portrait of the Kapoor family lifestyle, articulating a narrative of grandiosity and charm.

The residence, as reported by ABP Live in 2020, is not just a dwelling but a setting for cherished family moments. It has played host to several significant events, including the birthday celebration of their son Vayu. These events further underscore the home’s status as not mere walls and decor but a space where memories are woven into the very fabric of its existence.

Sonam Kapoor, a fashion icon in her own right, is as evocative in her sartorial choices as she is in her selection of home decor. Her passion for fashion seamlessly transitions from the red carpet to her day-to-day life. Kapoor’s traditional attire often takes center stage in her public appearances, and her fashion-forward sensibilities breathe life into classical designs. In a recent function, she donned her mother’s 35-year-old Ghar Chola, a maroon lehenga that accentuated her striking features and exemplified her connection to heritage and familial bonds.

Through her Instagram, Sonam Kapoor extends an invitation to her virtual audience, sharing these personal moments. She chronicled this particular event, expressing her gratitude for being able to borrow such a meaningful garment from her mother, Sunita Kapoor. Her post isn’t just a display of her style but also a beckoning to her fans to engage in a conversation about the cultural significance of the attire.

The Kapoor residence in Delhi is thus more than just a living space—it is a celebration of art, a homage to heritage, and an embodiment of the life and times of one of Bollywood’s most adored families. As captivating as Sonam Kapoor’s on-screen performances are, her home is a standing ovation to her off-screen persona—a blend of elegance, culture, and family values treasured within the walls of her splendid abode.

By IPL Agent

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