Watch: Ayesha Takia makes rare public appearance strikes a pose for paps with her son

The Mumbai airport was abuzz with excitement on a recent Friday afternoon as it witnessed the reappearance of Ayesha Takia, the former Bollywood actress, who has been away from the public eye for quite some time. Takia, recognized for her roles in movies such as ‘Wanted,’ ‘Ye Dil Maange More,’ ‘Tarzaan: The Wonder Car,’ and ‘Fool N Final,’ reemerged in a graceful blue salwar kameez, alongside her son. As paparazzi converged, the mother-son pair indulged them with cheerful poses before making their way into the terminal.

Married in 2009 to Farhan Azmi, the son of politician Abu Azmi, Ayesha Takia is a mother to their son Mikail, and her family life has mostly kept her from the limelight in recent years.

Reflecting on her cinematic voyage, Ayesha Takia first made waves in Bollywood with the 2004 fantasy-thriller ‘Taarzan: The Wonder Car,’ a role for which she bagged the Best Debut award. Acting across from Vatsal Sheth, the film drew inspiration from the American movie ‘Christine’ and experienced a Marathi remake titled ‘Ek Gadi Baki Anadi.’ Even before her Bollywood breakout, Takia was a familiar face, having appeared as a teenager in Falguni Pathak’s music video ‘Meri Chunar Udd Udd Jaye,’ casting an image of innocence and youthful charm.

Takia’s career, however, was not without its challenges. Several of her films faced commercial setbacks, yet the 2006 film ‘Dor’ became a silver lining, granting her the chance to demonstrate her formidable acting abilities. In ‘Dor,’ she portrayed a young widowed Rajasthani woman in a traditional joint family setting, a performance that won her extensive acclaim and accolades.

Her work wasn’t confined to Hindi cinema – Takia also made an impression in southern cinema with the 2005 Telugu film ‘Super,’ where she starred alongside Tollywood leading man Akkineni Nagarjuna. Her last known film appearance was in 2011’s ‘Mod,’ which met with a warm reception.

Post her cinema days, Takia found herself amidst controversies regarding alleged botox procedures that distorted her appearance. Pictures surfacing in 2016 set off viral discussions with netizens debating the transformation. With humor and resilience, Takia addressed the uproar in a statement to PTI, expressing amusement at the morphed pictures that scarcely resembled her and highlighting how imperative it is to develop a thick skin in the era of omnipresent social media. Rather than succumbing to the speculation, she chose to clear the air, ultimately taking it in stride and laughing off the incident.

Ayesha Takia’s presence at the Mumbai airport serves as a fleeting reminder of her celebrated journey through Bollywood —from a fresh-faced music video starlet to an award-winning actress gracing the silver screen. While her hiatus from acting has left fans yearning for her return to celluloid, this rare public sighting was enough to ignite social media with a sense of reminiscent enthusiasm, hinting at the lasting impression she’s left on her admirers. As she embraces a life away from the camera, her sporadic public appearances continue to be cherished moments for those who remember her timeless contribution to Indian cinema.

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