Watch: Arjun Rampal’s daughters Mahikaa and Myra attend ‘Crakk’ premiere to support their father

Bollywood actor Arjun Rampal was the embodiment of pride and joy as he celebrated the premiere of his latest action thriller, ‘Crakk’, with the unwavering support of his family. The star-studded event, which took place on Thursday night, saw the convergence of the acting fraternity, marking a notable moment for the much-anticipated movie. Arjun’s partner, Gabriella Demetriades, who also took part in the making of the film as the costume designer, and his beloved daughters, Mahikaa and Myra, were in attendance to cheer for their father.

The ramp leading to the gala was graced by the presence of the dashing Arjun Rampal, flanked by his daughters, Mahikaa and Myra Rampal. The daughters, from Rampal’s previous marriage to Mehr Jesia, joined him hand in hand, demonstrating the close bond between them. Rampal’s current partner, Gabriella Demetriades, was also by his side, further highlighting the actor’s personal life that is evidently rich with close family ties. The couple, now in a live-in relationship, has together welcomed two sons, expanding their loving family.

Rampal’s happiness was palpable as photographers captured the momentous family gathering on the red carpet. The convergence of the daughters and Gabriella by Arjun Rampal’s side wasn’t merely for photographs; it signified the strong familial support system behind the actor, one that he treasures deeply. According to Rampal, it is the mature and secure perspectives of his daughters that add a meaningful layer to their discussions about his work in films, a passion he pursues not just for artistic fulfillment but also for the engaging conversations it sparks with his loved ones.

In conversation with, Arjun Rampal gleefully shared anecdotes about his daughters’ reactions to his films, revealing that while they may jest at some of his past works, their recent feedback has been endearingly constructive. Known for being candid about his experiences, Arjun admitted that his daughters did not influence his choice of roles but have provided engaging dialogue concerning his career choices and performances, offering both light-hearted jests and genuine critiques.

In ‘Crakk’, Arjun Rampal delves into the persona of a formidable antagonist, presenting a remarkable performance as he faces off with co-star Vidyut Jammwal. The highly anticipated film is directed by Aditya Datt, whose recognition in Bollywood stems from previous hits such as ‘Aashiq Banaya Apne’ (2005) and ‘Table No. 21’ (2013). Nora Fatehi and Amy Jackson also add to the film’s impressive lineup, contributing to what promises to be an adrenaline-fueled cinematic experience for audiences.

What sets apart Arjun’s role in ‘Crakk’ is not only the depth of the character but the extensive preparation that went into perfecting his performance. Rampal underwent a significant physical transformation to embody the antagonist, a journey that included daily swims in open waters, thrice-weekly 10K runs, and a scrupulous dietary regime rich in protein and vegetables. Importantly, besides the physical rigor, a substantial commitment and sacrifices were necessary for Rampal to authentically portray the intensity required for the role.

‘Crakk’ is more than just an action film; it is a narrative of survival, a thriller that engages the audience’s sense of suspense and excitement. With its premiere, the movie looks forward to drawing cinema-goers into its thrilling conflict between its protagonist and a ruthless adversary, portrayed compellingly by Rampal.

The premiere night added to the glamour and excitement surrounding the film’s forthcoming release. Arjun Rampal’s personal moments of joy among his family members, combined with the high expectations set by the intense trailer and the actor’s dedication to his craft, have set the stage for what is anticipated to be another milestone in his distinguished career. As ‘Crakk’ prepares to captivate audiences on the big screen, Arjun Rampal continues to earn admiration not only as an actor par excellence but also as a devoted family man who never fails to celebrate his personal and professional life hand in hand.

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