W.i.S.H. Sets the Stage for a New Era in Indi-Pop Music

The rhythm of India’s vast soundscape has been synonymous with the iconic tunes of Bollywood for ages. Yet, amid the sparkle and spectacle of film songs, there lies a persistent pulse for change and diversity in musical expression. In this dynamic environment, music director-producer Mikey McCleary sees an opportunity to infuse a fresh wave in the music industry. He recalls the 90s as a golden era for Indian pop music, a time when international groups captured the nation’s imagination. This influence gradually paved the way for indie artists to cultivate a vibrant scene, leading to today’s independent music landscape.

In a bold move to change the current trajectory of Indian pop music, McCleary introduces a pioneering concept—a brand new girl group named W.i.S.H., an acronym for ‘World Inka Stage Hai.’ Comprising four talented members—Ri, Zo, Suchi, and Sim—the group is being launched under the prestigious Sony music label, and they’re setting their sights on revamping the Indian pop scene. W.i.S.H. stands as India’s inaugural girl group in over two decades, a testament to McCleary’s vision of bridging the divide between Bollywood’s mainstream melodies and the diverse tunes of indie music.

McCleary, whose insights into music trends are much respected, states confidently, “India is very ready for something like this.” W.i.S.H. is not just about rehashing global pop phenomena; these artists have a deeper connection to their roots. “I think what’s really important, and comes through in the songs, is the connection to India,” McCleary reveals. Despite the group’s international scope, their upcoming work is uniquely Indian in essence. This unique identity sets them apart from other girl groups making waves worldwide.

Members of W.i.S.H. attribute inspirations to pioneers such as Spice Girls and Fifth Harmony, aiming to emulate their success and stylistic dynamism. Suchi elaborates on their vision to mix Indian sounds with pop, creating a novel fusion that includes hip-hop rhythms, Spanish melodies, and diverse cultural elements. This fusion is set to redefine what local and international audiences expect from Indian pop music.

The band’s debut single “Lazeez” marries these ambitions with a contagious sound—a Latino rhythm and R&B undertones blended with lyrics in both English and Hindi. The group seeks to reach listeners on an intrinsic level rather than following the common trend-chasing route of social media virality. Suchi and Zo, coming of age in the era of social media, view this platform optimistically—as a means to connect and share the band’s authenticity.

For Ri, the band is about more than just music—it’s also about family. Working alongside her sister Sim, she finds a source of inspiration and support that extends to include Zo and Suchi, likening their collaboration to an extension of her familial bonds. The members echo a sentiment of profound connection, viewing their participation in the girl group not merely as an endeavor but as a cherished, life-defining experience.

Their appreciation for girl groups like Destiny’s Child and Little Mix influences their aspirations to replicate such iconic success. However, they understand that achieving their goals requires dedication. McCleary explains that establishing W.i.S.H. has been a laborious process akin to launching four solo artists simultaneously, a factor contributing to the rarity of such bands in India.

The chosen members, he notes, bring not only talent but dedication to the group. Their individual personalities are as important as their collective harmony since they appeal to diverse fan bases and represent different facets of the band’s identity. The journey, according to McCleary, has been collaborative and enlightening.

Beyond creating memorable songs, the ambitions of W.i.S.H. and McCleary are grand; they aim to elevate Indian pop music to the global mainstream. Suchi expresses a fervent desire to lead that international charge, underscoring the group’s passion and determination.

As Indian listeners await W.i.S.H.’s explosive entrance onto the music scene, the group encapsulates the potential for a new wave of Indian pop—a fusion of indigenous charm peppered with international flair, poised to enchant both domestic and global audiences with every beat and lyric.

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