Vivek Mathew chronicles Bengaluru with his Gaze of Silence show

There is a certain solace to be found in the simple act of gazing through a window, whether the view unveils the hustle of city streets or the fleeting landscapes observed from a moving train. This meditative practice, providing both comfort and catharsis, resonates with the sentiment expressed by R.L. Stevenson, “each a glimpse and gone forever.” However, Vivek Mathew, a Bengaluru-based photographer, has dedicated his craft to immortalizing such transitory scenes with his Gaze of Silence series.

Vivek Mathew, with an impressive 18 years of capturing the essence of life through his camera, explained that the images within his latest series were taken through various types of glass in different settings. “These photographs were taken at different locations such as bus stops and cafes,” Vivek elaborated. Among these, some have captured the unique charm of the interiors of Bengaluru’s legendary Indian Coffee House on Church Street.

The 24 images in Gaze of Silence were compiled over the past year, and Vivek describes them as possessing a “very painterly feel.” Whether shot through the colorful distortion of stained glass, the clear boundaries of window panes, or the sheer sheets of glass, all under a range of lighting conditions, the photographs exude an intense nostalgia. This effect is particularly potent in the images taken during rainfall, where a palpable ‘behind-the-glass’ ambiance is conveyed.

A Light and Life Academy alumnus from Ooty, Vivek explores a broad array of subjects such as architecture, nature, and human fervor in his work. When asked about his creative process, he shared, “I go with a blank mind when I step out with my camera to take pictures.” This open-minded approach equips him to capture the world in its raw and unpredictable beauty.

Vivek Mathew chooses not to ascribe titles to his photographic works, preferring to let each piece speak individually to its viewers. He believes that by avoiding the imposition of titles, he allows for a more personal interaction between the observer and the artwork. “An image that evokes happiness in one could cause gloom in another,” he reasons, advocating for an unmediated, subjective experience with his photography.

Intrigued patrons and art enthusiasts will find the limited edition prints from the Gaze of Silence series available for purchase, with additional works by Vivek accessible for admiration online at his portfolio.

To experience the serene contemplation of Vivek Mathew’s Gaze of Silence series in person, one can visit the solo exhibition at Reves Art Gallery in Jayanagar, which is set to remain open until February 18. This exhibition offers an intimate window into the quiet moments of Bengaluru’s daily life, forever etched in time by the delicate touch of Vivek Mathew’s photographic gaze.

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