Vidyut Jammwal’s ‘Crakk’ Director Aditya Datt Opens Up How He Roped In 8 International Athletes To Pull Off Adventure Sports

New Delhi: The entertainment industry is abuzz with excitement for the upcoming action sports drama “Crakk,” starring powerhouse performer and now producer, Vidyut Jammwal. The film, already known for its gripping action sequences and breathtaking adrenaline-pumping stunts, is now making waves for its efforts to infuse genuine athleticism and international talent into its narrative.

Directed by Aditya Datt, “Crakk” not only features Jammwal in a headlining role but also parades a cadre of eight exceptional international athletes, hand-selected for their extraordinary skills in varied adventure sports. Director Datt has left no stone unturned in his quest for the perfect cast. “We combed through profiles of over 200 athletes around the globe to discover what I refer to as ‘The super eight’,” Datt discloses, pointing to the rigorous selection process that was undertaken.

The elite group of athletes consists of personalities from diverse sporting backgrounds. Alfonso Orosco of South Africa, renowned for his slacklining artistry, joins American freerunner Kacper Lipski, whose agility and urban acrobatics add a thrilling perspective to the film. From China comes Liana Hu, selected for her martial arts proficiency, and Russia’s contribution is the skillful Parkour artist Katarzyna. Complementing the squad are Tomasz Przybylik, Martin Espanola, Milsoz Jarmolowicz, and Lukasz Nowak, each acclaimed in their respective sporting domains.

“Crakk” will showcase these athletic phenoms alongside Jammwal in a smorgasbord of high-stakes sports, including rock climbing, downhill mountain biking, obstacle racing, and freestyle skiing. These heart-stopping sequences not only promise to keep audiences on the edge of their seats but also represent a cinematic penetration into the world of extreme sports.

The prioritization of cast safety was of paramount importance for the filmmakers. To ensure that each scene would not only look realistic but also maintain the welfare of those involved, the director instituted a comprehensive training regimen. “Before we began filming, Vidyut and the ‘super eight’ sequestered themselves in Poland for over a month,” Datt comments, describing the intensive preparation period. “They dedicated themselves to perfecting their respective stunts and disciplines,” he adds, emphasizing the creation of a tight-knit, trusting dynamic among the team, which he believes is crucial in executing flawless action sequences.

The film boasts an ensemble cast, including Bollywood staples Arjun Rampal, celebrated for his compelling screen presence; the multi-talented Nora Fatehi; and the internationally recognized Amy Jackson. With such a star-studded lineup, “Crakk” is poised to be an eye-catching intersection of cinematic storytelling and authentic sporting action, setting a new benchmark for action films within the Indian film industry.

“Crakk – Jeetegaa Toh Jiyegaa!” is not just a testament to Jammwal’s dedication as an actor but also cements his role as an involved and invested producer, working under his banner Action Hero Films. Coupled with Datt’s meticulous direction and screenplay, the movie is hotly anticipated ahead of its theatrical release slated for the 23rd of February, 2024.

As the release date approaches, the air is thick with expectations for this film that promises more than just thrilling action—it offers a spectacle of real athletes performing awe-inspiring athletic feats. “Crakk” is all set to redefine the standards of action sports drama, carving a niche that may well inspire a new genre in Indian cinema. Fans and action enthusiasts alike await with bated breath to witness this confluence of talent, determination, and cinematic passion.

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