Vidyut Jammwal gets trolled for promoting stunts on local train calling them ‘real daredevils’

In a recent development that has sent ripples through social media, actor Vidyut Jammwal has come under severe criticism for what is perceived as promoting perilous stunts. Vidyut Jammwal, the action star known for his jaw-dropping stunts in blockbuster hits, is embroiled in controversy following his latest social media post. Just days before the premiere of his anticipated action film, ‘Crakk,’ Jammwal praised two youngsters performing a death-defying trick on one of Mumbai’s bustling local trains. The actor’s post included a video clip in which the youths could be seen clinging to a train door and daringly touching their feet to a station platform as the train sped by. His caption paid homage to these ‘REAL DARE DEVILS’ in a manner that has since been condemned as irresponsible.

As someone who has carved his niche as one of India’s most illustrious stunt professionals, Jammwal’s films are notorious for their action and his rigorous training routines. ‘Crakk’ is set to raise the bar even higher with its action sequences, but the promotional methods have ignited a firestorm. The video’s public endorsement on Jammwal’s Instagram page read, “Crakk Title track releasing tomorrow…My tribute to THE REAL DARE DEVILS #ITRAIN LIKEVIDYUTJAMMWAL.”

This glowing tribute, however, was met with a barrage of backlash as netizens denounced the encouragement of such life-threatening behavior. Many expressed disappointment and worry that Jammwal’s approval could lead impressionable followers to imitate the alarming stunt, potentially resulting in grave consequences. One disenchanted commenter expressed their frustration, stressing that while strength is indeed powerful, its true value lies in responsible use, a sentiment echoed by an array of voices calling for the actor to reconsider the message he’s spreading.

The outcry on social media is not an unprecedented event for Vidyut Jammwal. Previously, he attracted a similar response for a stunt video in which he disembarked from and ascended a moving train, without any safety equipment, before proceeding to sprint across its roof once it stopped. The clip was accompanied by a caption in which he dedicated his work to anyone “driven by passion, motivation, and determination.”

The contentious post arrives at the cusp of the ‘Crakk’ film launch, an action-packed project also starring Amy Jackson, Arjun Rampal, and Nora Fatehi. The movie is scheduled for a theatrical release on February 23, promising to provide the adrenaline rush that Vidyut’s fans have come to expect from his films.

Despite the excitement for ‘Crakk,’ the incident brings to light the ongoing issue involving the glamorization of hazardous stunts in entertainment. While the cinematic world often thrives on the thrill of action scenes, the off-screen repercussion of such stunts when imitated without professional supervision or safety measures is a serious concern. The entertainment industry constantly grapples with this dichotomy, seeking to balance the allure of cinematic spectacle with public safety.

In response to the online furore, Vidyut Jammwal’s team, as well as the ‘Crakk’ production team, might be prompted to clarify their stance on public safety and the intent behind the actor’s social media posts. Whether Vidyut Jammwal’s future promotional campaigns will contain a caveat separating reel-life action from reality remains to be seen. For now, both the action star and the public await the reaction this controversy will have on ‘Crakk’s box office performance and beyond.

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