Varun Tej on ‘Operation Valentine’: We wanted to make a film that even the IAF is proud of

In an enthralling glimpse into the realm of cinematic storytelling, actor Varun Tej has revealed compelling details about his role as an Air Force fighter pilot in the upcoming film ‘Operation Valentine’. With great dedication and intense preparation, Tej has taken on the formidable challenge of authentically portraying a character enshrined in valor and discipline.

Delving into the rigorous process behind his role, Varun Tej stated, “Roles like these are not easy, and it’s not like you are experienced or you see people from the Air Force in your day-to-day life. There was some homework that we did.” To infuse his character with verisimilitude, the production engaged the expertise of an IAF consultant at the scripting stage, laying the groundwork for an accurate depiction that the Indian Air Force (IAF) will take pride in.

Varun went beyond just consulting with advisers. He stressed the necessity of interactions with actual fighter pilots, explaining, “Even after that, we had a couple of IAF people also on the sets, who tried to correct us, our body language, and obviously we met a lot of fighter pilots, engaged in conversation with them, and got to know a lot about their missions, training, and their day-to-day life to understand.” Such dedication points to the film’s commitment to honor the true essence of the service personnel it seeks to represent.

‘Operation Valentine’ tells the story of the unwavering spirit of Air Force heroes who confront daunting challenges while keeping the nation secure. The script draws inspiration from true-life heroics, and under the direction of Shakti Pratap Singh Hada, aims to portray the intense and often perilous world of an Air Force officer.

The film’s recent teaser has been met with acclaim, resonating with audiences and raising anticipation for its theatrical release. With dialogues and scenes molded in both Hindi and Telugu, ‘Operation Valentine’ was initially scheduled to grace cinemas on February 16 but will now launch on March 1. In the lead-up to the revised release date, Varun Tej communicated his excitement via social media, encouraging fans to mark their calendars for the premiere.

Unfortunately, production delays, particularly with completing visual effects, necessitated the postponement of the film’s debut multiple times. Originally slated for a December 2023 premiere, the movie’s journey to the big screen has been a tale of anticipation and patience. Finally, audiences can eagerly await the first of March to see the epic saga unfold.

In the interim, Varun Tej stays busy with various projects awaiting release, one of which is the film ‘Matka’, which is poised to show another facet of the versatile actor’s capabilities.

The approach taken by Varun Tej and the entire team of ‘Operation Valentine’ underscores a pivotal ethos in filmmaking: the pursuit of authenticity when depicting the lives of real heroes. By engaging closely with members of the IAF and rigorously studying the nuances of their lives, the film aims to offer not just entertainment but also a tribute to the valor and sacrifice of Air Force officers.

As the stage is set for ‘Operation Valentine’s’ embrace with the audience, the overarching narrative woven by Varun Tej and his co-creators is a testament to the magic that ensues when dedication to craft meets reverence for real-life heroes. The film’s anticipated release is not only a milestone for the cast and crew but also a moment of pride for the IAF, who may find their stories and sacrifices illuminated on the silver screen with the respect and dignity they deserve.

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