Varun Dhawan to reprise Bhediya for a cameo in Shraddha Kapoor’s ‘Stree 2’? Here’s what we know

As the horror-comedy genre continues to captivate audiences, the anticipation surrounding the upcoming release of ‘Stree 2’ has reached new heights. The success of the prequel ‘Stree,’ featuring Shraddha Kapoor and Rajkummar Rao, has set a high bar for its sequel. Adding to the excitement, recent reports reveal a notable twist – the inclusion of a cameo by Varun Dhawan, who will bring his ‘Bhediya’ character to the eerie streets of ‘Stree 2.’

The blend of authentic chills and cheeky humor in ‘Stree,’ which premiered in 2018, was not only a hit but also a cultural conversation starter. Revisiting the mystical town of Chanderi, the film dissected urban legends of a mysterious woman, Stree, known for making men vanish without a trace during festive nights. With an ensemble cast including Pankaj Tripathi and Aparshakti Khurana, alongside Rao and Kapoor, ‘Stree’ sewed together societal criticism and supernatural lore with seamless dexterity.

As disclosed by Bollywood Hungama, Dhawan has already portrayed his role in the much-anticipated sequel, directed by Amar Kaushik. This crossover is an innovative move by the creators, intertwining different storylines within the same cinematic universe. A source associated with the production shared, “Bhediya is a character close to Varun Dhawan’s heart, and his appearance in ‘Stree 2’ is not just for the fans but also forms the groundwork for ‘Bhediya 2.’ Varun dedicated a brief yet significant part of his schedule to film this part alongside Shraddha Kapoor.”

This strategic cameo is a testament to the strong partnership within the film fraternity. Dhawan’s cameo timing for ‘Stree 2’ aligns perfectly with the timeline of post-production work, ensuring intrigue and continuity for the audience to follow into ‘Bhediya 2.’ As sources reveal, Kaushik will dive into the scripting of ‘Bhediya 2’ alongside writer Niren Bhatt once ‘Stree 2’ crosses the finish line of production.

Dinesh Vijan, the visionary behind the horror-comedy universe, envisions ‘Bhediya’ to grow beyond a standalone project. It is expected to evolve into a robust franchise, with plans already taking shape for the next installment. Sources suggest the script of ‘Bhediya 2’ will be finalized by mid-2024, with the project’s commencement anticipated later this year. Vijan’s unique horror-comedy universe aims to offer consistent, intertwining storytelling, defying conventional genre boundaries.

While further details of Dhawan’s contribution to ‘Stree 2’ are wrapped in mystery, it is expected to be both comical and consequential. This unexpected crossover promises to captivate audiences, springing forth a new trajectory where we may witness our favorite characters from different storylines converge in the same universe.

The initiative to merge characters from parallel film narratives propels Indian cinema toward a more interconnected storytelling approach, fostering a world brimming with potential spin-offs and sequels.

As fans eagerly to unwrap the enigma of ‘who is the real Stree?’ in the upcoming ‘Stree 2,’ they can also revel in the allure of seeing Varun Dhawan’s transformation into the charismatic werewolf ‘Bhediya.’ With a successful foundation set by the original ‘Stree,’ and the enchanting promise of ‘Stree 2,’ there is no denying that this franchise is fashioning a unique niche within the Indian film industry. This crossover endeavor is not just a clever narrative twist but a significant leap toward a larger, more vibrant horror-comedy cosmos, hinting at an even more thrilling future for the fans and the genre alike.

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