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Plunging into the somber depths of child abuse while simultaneously holding onto a thread of hope for change, Sai Tamhankar expresses her commitment to roles that serve a broader purpose. The gripping series still offers a glimpse into the daunting narrative that unfolds in “Bhakshak,” a crime thriller fueled by the chilling inspiration from the real-life 2018 Muzaffarpur shelter home case. Tamhankar, an actor known for her intense and compelling performances, could not let this opportunity slide by. “It reassures you that the prospect of a better tomorrow is just a stone’s throw away,” she articulates with a blend of resolve and optimism.

In “Bhakshak,” Tamhankar embodies the character of an indomitable police officer, allying with a determined journalist portrayed by Bhumi Pednekar. Together, they navigate through a complex web of secrets and deceit in a Bihar shelter home to uncover and put a stop to the heinous cycle of child abuse, ultimately holding the culprits accountable. The synergy between the two characters, both women of valor, is a profound statement in itself against the backdrop of a grievous subject matter.

The pivotal role required Tamhankar to delve into a well-researched script, something that director Pulkit, as she mentions, provided in abundance. “My director was fully immersed in the intricacies of the case, dedicating years to breathe life into this story,” she recounts. This meticulous attention to detail was clear in the powerful script he presented, which was seamlessly aligned with Tamhankar’s vision of impactful storytelling. “This film is carved out to be a catalyst for conversation. It beckons you to break the silence against brutality,” she says emphatically, reflecting on her growth trajectory and the powerful message actors can convey through their craft.

She found a kindred spirit in her co-star Bhumi Pednekar, an actor who shares her passion for igniting discourse through their art. “I am so glad that the film highlights two women unraveling the truth behind the case,” she says, detailing the camaraderie and mutual respect she shared with Pednekar right from their initial meeting. Tamhankar’s character not only resonates with her own principles, but also shines a spotlight on the importance of using one’s voice to advance socially pertinent conversations.

“Bhakshak” doesn’t shy away from the unsettling reality that envelops thousands of innocent lives within such institutions. Instead, it thrusts viewers into the heart of darkness and then methodically paves the way for light. The story arcs personified by Tamhankar and Pednekar encapsulate the dual essence of vulnerability and strength, shedding light on the fundamental human spirit’s indomitable will against adversity.

As part of the research process for the Netflix film, Tamhankar, along with the creative team, immersed herself into the chilling history of the real case that shaped the story they were about to tell. This historical context is essential not only for actors as they approach their roles but also in elevating the film’s authenticity and impact on its viewers.

Despite the gruesome nature of the film’s central topic, Sai Tamhankar emphasizes the crucial aspect of learning and growth that accompanies such challenging roles. The role in “Bhakshak” isn’t just another addition to her illustrious career; it is a testament to her enduring pursuit of roles that are more than mere characters on screen. They are statements, they are voices demanding action, and most importantly, they are a reminder that the path to growth often lies in audacity and resilience.

Overall, “Bhakshak” promises to be a hard-hitting feature that encourages its audience to engage with and reflect upon the social evils that need to be tirelessly fought against. In a world where the pages of history are often stained with the silence of the oppressed, it emphasizes the potency and necessity of speaking out. Sai Tamhankar, with this film, further cements her commitment to fostering such imperatively loud conversations through the realm of cinema, one role at a time.

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