Urvashi Rautela Highlights Family Traditions and Animal Safety for Holi Celebrations

As the vibrant festival of Holi approaches, Bollywood actress Urvashi Rautela shares her enthusiasm for the upcoming celebrations, emphasizing the significance of family gatherings and the use of eco-friendly practices. Known for her dynamic presence on screen, Rautela takes a moment to divulge her personal festive rituals and advocates for a compassionate and environmentally responsible approach to marking the occasion.

“This year, Holi is a particularly special time for me because I get to spend it with my loved ones,” Rautela expresses with a smile. “Amidst our fast-paced lives and hectic schedules, finding time to uphold family traditions is priceless. We have planned a serene pooja at our home, a moment of gratitude and reflection, which will lead us into the joyous play of Holi with organic colours.”

The actress’s commitment to an organic celebration is not just a personal preference but also a mindful choice for the environment and well-being of all. She emphasizes the importance of steering clear of synthetic dyes, which can be harmful. “While we indulge in the festive spirit, it’s crucial to remember that our celebration shouldn’t come at the cost of our planet or its creatures. I strongly advocate for the use of simple, organic colours,” she shares. Rautela’s plea doesn’t end there. She extends her concern to the often-overlooked members of our communities—the animals.

“Animals are an integral part of our ecosystem, and they, too, deserve our compassion, especially during our festivities. The chemicals in synthetic colours can cause severe skin irritations and other health issues for them. So, this Holi, please ensure that our furry friends are spared from the exposure to these harmful substances,” Rautela urges, her voice threading a chord of advocacy for the voiceless.

The festival of Holi, heralding the arrival of spring, is steeped in cultural lore and brings with it a spectrum of colours symbolizing new beginnings and the triumph of good over evil. For Rautela, the festival is also a cavalcade of tastes, sounds, and familial joy. The sensory experience of Holi is something she holds dear, from the traditional sweets and melodies to the collective laughter and mirth of people coming together.

In the true spirit of the festival, Rautela sends out a heartfelt message: “Holi is a time for unity, forgiveness, and festivity. Let’s make it an inclusive and safe celebration for everyone around us. Wishing everyone a very Happy Holi!”

While the actress gears up for a day filled with colour and happiness, she does not forget her professional commitments. On the work front, Rautela is preparing to captivate audiences once more with her upcoming projects. Fans are eagerly anticipating ‘Love Dose 2.0’ alongside the popular artist Yo Yo Honey Singh and her captivating role as a college politician in ‘Jahangir National University’ (JNU).

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