The bustling city of Mumbai, known for its vibrant culture and daunting underbelly, is about to witness the rise of a new breed of crime comedy set within its secretive confines. Huma Qureshi, the multifaceted talent who has garnered acclaim as an actor and is now making waves as a producer, has just concluded work on her latest film endeavor, Baby Do Die Do. This project, which has been operating under the wraps, is the second production by Qureshi and her brother, actor Saqib Saleem, following their 2022 initiative, Double XL.

Having completed the principal photography for Baby Do Die Do in February, after kicking off production in December 2023, the film brackets Qureshi, Chunky Panday, and Sikandar Kher as its marquee stars. Notably, Qureshi is riding high on the favorable reception of Maharani’s third season, yet she remains fully entrenched in her producer duties.

Sources close to the production reveal that Baby Do Die Do explores the grey nuances of its characters, crafting a neo-noir tapestry that melds dark humor with the unpredictability of a whodunit narrative. Qureshi’s production harbors a vision to spotlight unconventional stories through cinema, much akin to Double XL that boldly challenged the societal perspectives on body shaming. Baby Do Die Do leans into this paradigm, serving as a platform for simple, relatable characters veering into the realm of crime.

The scale of authenticity in Baby Do Die Do ratchets up with the inclusion of Marathi theater actors, a casting choice influenced by Nachiket Samant, a revered director within Marathi cinema, steering the helm of this film. Samant is no stranger to the director’s chair, with a resume that includes the quirky Comedy Couple [2020] and the engaging Gachchi [2017]. His take on Baby Do Die Do is one grounded in reality – bringing the raw heartbeat of Mumbai to the screen, portrayed with an unfiltered lens. Real citizens and local trains of Mumbai become the unsung cast members, as many key scenes were strategically shot amidst the everyday hustle of the populous metropolis.

The strategic decision by Qureshi and Saleem to oversee the end-to-end schedule in Mumbai underscores their commitment to a ‘content-first’ philosophy. Upon hearing the script, the sibling duo was instantly captivated, recognizing the potential for a film that marries humor with an unvarnished depiction of city-life ordeals.

Anticipation for Baby Do Die Do is mounting, as it echoes the quirky charm of Huma’s previous project, Monica O My Darling [2022]. The curiosity surrounding Baby Do Die Do is only amplified by its mysterious narrative and the layered, morally complex characters that dwell in Mumbai’s shadowy corners. Word on the street is that the producers are eyeing a big-screen release before the twilight of the year, setting the stage for what could be an intriguing take on the crime comedy genre.

In conclusion, Baby Do Die Do is not just an anticipated addition to Qureshi’s production résumé, but also an ode to the eccentricities and the hidden dark humor of urban existence. With post-production processes now in full swing, audiences are bracing for an invigorating ride through the noir-tinged streets of Mumbai, with the promise of rich storytelling complemented by astute social commentary. The offbeat journey orchestrated by Huma Qureshi and Saqib Saleem, with Nachiket Samant at the directorial helm, is all set to color the cinematic tapestry with bold, new shades, beckoning viewers to step into the dusky alleys where Baby Do Die Do lurks, awaiting its grand reveal.

By IPL Agent

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