Unseen Oscarian Chronicles: Celebrities Cheers and Candid Moments

The glitz and grandeur of the 2024 Oscars may have streamed into millions of homes, with the spotlight firmly on the main stage, but what transpired away from the cameras was equally captivating. As Hollywood’s elite convened for cinema’s most lauded evening, proceedings stumbled into action approximately six minutes behind schedule, and quite a few stars were still navigating their way to their assigned seats as the show commenced. Clocking in their attendance just past 7 PM EDT were notables such as Martin Scorsese, Margot Robbie, and Ryan Gosling, while Carey Mulligan witnessed the opening monologue and subsequent awarding of the supporting actress Oscar standing to the side, accompanied by her husband Marcus Mumford.

The first commercial interval triggered a microcosm of social reunion, as attendees spilled out from their rows to fraternize. Emma Stone instantly sought out Jennifer Lawrence, a dear friend, and the pair spent the duration of the break in animated conversation as their spouses observed. Meanwhile, Greta Gerwig made a beeline for Robbie and America Ferrera, sharing an upbeat vibe given that Da’Vine Joy Randolph had snagged the supporting actress accolade, and yes, Mulligan, in the company of Mumford, finally settled into their seats.

An elated Emma Stone, champagne glass in hand, was out in the lobby when ‘Poor Things’ clinched the award for Best Production Design. Her reaction was nothing short of buoyant as she watched the acceptance speech, leaping and yelping in delight. Upon encountering Florence Pugh, the two dived into a lively chat about Pugh’s dress, whimsically adorned with what seemed, to them, like sprinkles. The conversation took a light-hearted turn when Pugh’s gaze landed on a monitor displaying a minimally clad John Cena, provoking laughter and an endearing comparison to the Oscar statuette himself.

Stone’s exuberance heightened when ‘Poor Things’ secured a second win for costume design, her jubilation palpable and coupled with self-reproach for missing the victorious moments, humorously declaring a premature end to her evening. Nearby, Gerwig found herself in discourse with an admirer, Eduardo Castro, an academy board member eager to discuss Ann Roth’s memorable Barbie appearance. Roth, at 92, not only shone in Barbie but also in her conversation with Gerwig, who recounted Roth’s playful apprehension and request for a martini, fondly echoed by Castro, who regards her as a mentor.

Gerwig and her husband, Noah Baumbach, drifted to the bar – sans martinis – just around the time when the lobby transformed as ‘Kens’, adorning cowboy hats and channeling ‘Kenergy’, readied themselves for a forthcoming performance. Ryans Gosling’s impending act was akin to a concert performance, with the Dolby Theatre audience erupting into a sea of dance and unbridled joy, and Gerwig, in a sea of her own, reveling in a ‘Ken’ centric experience

The ambiance reverberated with vigor, particularly during an interlude when Mark Ronson navigated through a bevy of fans to join Gerwig and Robbie. Still riding the high of the live act, Ronson flaunted his pink Ken tee with pride for the remainder of the evening. Post-ceremony, the Oppenhomies lingered on stage, celebrating their triumphs, with Robert Downey Jr. brandishing his trophy in a modest victory fist pump, while Emily Blunt and Kimmel engaged in a casual exchange before exiting the chaos of the stage.

En route to the Governors Ball, Cord Jefferson was seen savoring his win, the jubilance unabating, while Kate McKinnon shared a poignant exchange with Marlee Matlin, and even Spielberg made his way through the crowds, notably masked. Despite walking away from the Oscars primarily empty-handed, Gerwig carried an aura of contentment, notably from the “I’m Just Ken” spectacle, which she famously dubbed “legendary,” a sentiment surely shared by many in a night filled not just with awards, but with unforgettable encounters and effervescent spirits.

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