Universal Pictures Strikes a Chord with Upcoming Ryan Coogler-Produced Prince Musical

In an exciting development for fans of both cinema and music, the legendary tunes of Prince are soon to resonate through theaters in a new and imaginative way. Filmmaker Ryan Coogler has taken on the role of producer for a forthcoming jukebox musical that will weave the artist’s music through its narrative. The production, backed by heavyweight Universal Pictures, promises to bring the late icon’s discography to life in a display of color and sound reminiscent of Prince’s own flamboyant style.

The concept of utilizing Prince’s music in a musical format has been brewing since 2018, with Universal harnessing the momentum to create what is anticipated to be a tapestry of song and story. Scriptwriter Bryan Edward Hill has been entrusted with the task of scripting this ambitious project, ensuring that the power and poetry of Prince’s music are captured on the silver screen.

A wealth of talent surrounds Coogler in the production team. His wife Zinzi Coogler and Sev Ohanian are collaborating producers, bringing their unique vision and experience to the process. The teamwork extends to the music industry with Jody Gerson, the chair of Universal Music Publishing Group, contributing her expertise. Rebecca Cho of Proximity is on board as well, taking on an executive producer’s role and adding her name to the high-caliber production lineup.

As the filmmaker prepares for the release of another major motion picture featuring Michael B. Jordan with a launch date set for March 7, 2025, Coogler continues to command attention in the film industry. His alliance with Jordan has yielded a series of blockbuster hits, including the highly praised ‘Fruitvale Station,’ the adrenaline-pumping ‘Creed,’ and the groundbreaking ‘Black Panther.’

More recently, Coogler has grabbed the spotlight for his direction of the much-anticipated Marvel sequel ‘Black Panther: Wakanda Forever’ and his musical collaboration with superstar Rihanna. He co-wrote the song “Lift Me Up” for the film’s soundtrack, an endeavor that has garnered him nominations and critical acclaim.

The pairing of Coogler’s cinematic flair with the legacy of Prince’s music is a match that holds boundless potential. Prince was not only a music industry titan but also had a meaningful impact on the film industry, most notably through the 1984 rock musical ‘Purple Rain.’ This new musical project is buoyed by the enduring love for Prince’s music, and there is increasing anticipation for what could be another landmark cultural phenomenon.

Prince’s artistry encompasses a broad emotional palette that effortlessly aligns with the cinematic form. From rousing anthems to soulful ballads, his oeuvre provides a rich repertoire from which to draw inspiration for the narrative of the musical. Prince’s music has always told stories, pushed boundaries, and invited listeners into a universe all its own—an endeavor the creative team at Universal Pictures is now undertaking in a motion picture format.

As this unique collaboration between the spirits of two creative powerhouses takes shape, the world waits with bated breath for a film that promises to be much more than a tribute. It aims to be a continuation of the innovative energy of Prince, capturing his essence in a manner that allows old fans to reminisce and new generations to discover the magic of his music. The project stands as a testament to the timelessness of Prince’s melodies and the enduring relevance of his artistic vision.

Though further details about casting, a production timeline, or release date remain under wraps, audiences are already gearing up for what promises to be a dynamic blend of music and film, a symphony of sight and sound that honors the singular legacy of Prince. As the musical’s narrative takes shape, one thing is certain—universal anticipation is growing for the grand unveiling of this cinematic ode to a true music legend.

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